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    Use the History tool to search approximately 5 years of transaction data in your brokerage, mutual fund, or college savings plan account. Account history is updated intraday to reflect real-time order executions and money movement activity posted to your account. To view account history beyond the 4 years and 10 months available, please refer to your account statements which can be accessed from the Right-Click menu or from the main navigation under Accounts.

    Sorting and Filtering Your Account History

    By default, your transactions are sorted by Date in reverse chronological order. You can click on any other column header to sort your transactions by that column in ascending or descending order. For example, you can sort by Amount to look for a cleared check or by Symbol to look for a particular executed trade.

    You can filter your Account History by:

    • Date – Use one of the pre-set time periods available in the Date dropdown or select Custom to enter a specific date range. (Note: When using a custom date range, if you see a red frame outlining the date entry box, hover over the red outline to view the error message.)
    • Transaction – Use the Transaction dropdown to filter by transaction type (e.g., purchases, sales, money movement, dividends, and interest).
    • Symbol – Enter a symbol to filter your results by a particular stock or option. For fixed income securities, enter the CUSIP.

    Customizing the History Display

    Your History information can be displayed and reordered by dragging and dropping columns. You can also customize column width using your mouse. Right-click on a column header to add a new field or to remove the current field or go to Settings to add, remove, and reorder columns.

    The Date column is locked by default so you won't lose sight of it if you scroll horizontally. To change the locked columns, click and drag the shaded area. You can also drag and drop individual columns into and out of the locked group.

    Export/Print History

    Right-click on the tool to export your transaction history. The Export selection is enabled when all records from your search have completed loading. If the Export menu selection is disabled/not clickable, wait a few seconds for the search to complete.To print, export history to a program like Microsoft Excel, format as desired and then print.

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