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  • Getting Started

    Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro Platforms® offer tools with a range of functionality, most of which can be easily customized to meet your individual needs. Make the most of your trading experience by learning how to customize your workspace as well as streamline your navigation and trading.


    Clients who place 36 or more qualifying trades in a rolling 12-month period will be considered Active Traders and will have access to Active Trader Pro®, ActiveTraderPro.com® and full streaming real-time market data. In addition, clients who execute at least 120 qualifying trades in a rolling 12-month period will be entitled to Recognia Anticipated Events and Elliott Wave analysis as part of the technical analysis available from the Chart. All equity, ETF, option, and mutual fund trades are considered qualifying trades.


    Sidebars have been designed to let you quickly organize and access a group of tools. Sidebars snap onto the right and left sides of your Workspace, expanding or collapsing with a click. It’s an easy way to keep functionality at your fingertips — without your screen getting too crowded.

    To add a Sidebar, go to the General Settings menu and choose a Sidebar option, which allows you to designate Sidebar space on the left, right or both sides of your screen. When your Sidebar appears, drag over a tool and simply drop it into place. Once in a Sidebar, a tool will always have a fixed width; height, however, is adjustable for certain resizable tools. Note: When you turn a Sidebar on, it will be on for all layouts. You can store different tools in the Sidebar for each layout. Turning off a Sidebar from Settings will cause all tools stored in that Sidebar to be removed from all layouts.


    You can link tools by security, allowing data in one tool to automatically update another. For example, when you link a Quote and Chart tool, updating a stock symbol in one tool will update both tools simultaneously.

    You may link as many tools in your layout as you wish. The following tools can be linked: Chart, Quote, Option Chain, News, Single Trade ticket,Trade Armor, Directed Trade, Multi-Leg Option ticket, Option Analytics, and Set Alert. You may also send symbols from Positions, Watch Lists, Market Ticker or Filters into your linked tools by simply double-clicking on the symbol or row.

    To allow linking for a particular tool, simply click its chain link icon located to the left of the symbol entry box. The link icon will appear solid when the tool is linked. To unlink the tool, click the chain link icon again.


    To print your positions, watchlists, orders or trade confirmations right-click then select Print. While the print function is not available on every tool, you may export data via right click from tools such as Time & Sales or Filters, and then print from that program.

    Most Recently Used Symbols

    Use the symbol dropdown on market data tools and trade tickets to quickly pull up a recently entered symbol. Up to the last fifteen symbols entered will be remembered. To delete a symbol from the list, mouse over the symbol then click on the red close [X] icon.


    To move tools from your Workspace, including from the Sidebars, click and hold the top of that tool, drag it to the desired location, and drop it into place by releasing the mouse button. You can also reorder Watch List columns, Orders columns, Option Chain columns, News searches, and Quote fields by using the same drag-and-drop functionality.

    Resizing Tools

    You can resize certain tools, including Quote, Watch Lists, Positions, Balances, History, Chart, Option Chain, Option Analytics, Filters, News, Multi-Trade, Directed Trade, Orders, and Message Center. To do so, move your cursor to any edge or corner of the tool and your cursor will change to the appropriate arrow indicator. From there, click, hold, and drag the tool horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to resize the tool. When in a Sidebar, tools can only be resized vertically from the bottom edge of the tool. News searches can be resized by clicking and dragging the bottom of any result set.

    You can also maximize and restore certain tools that are located in the main Workspace area. Look for the Maximize button in the upper-right corner of the tool. Click the Maximize button and the tool will expand to cover the entire Workspace area. Click the Restore button and the tool will return to its original size. A maximized tool will not cover an open Sidebar or the Market Ticker area. You may also double-click on a tool's title bar to maximize and restore the tool.

    Multiple Instances of Tools

    Certain tools allow you to open multiple instances simultaneously, such as Watch Lists, Quote, Chart, Trade, and Set Alert. Other tools, such as the Message Center, Orders, and Multi-Trade ticket allow you to have only one instance open at a time. Certain browser-related considerations make the maximum number of individual tool instances in ActiveTraderPro.com slightly more restrictive, but both Active Trader Pro Platforms allow a total of 20 tools to be used simultaneously. A comparison of the two platforms is provided below.

    Tool Active Trader Pro Desktop
    Maximum Instances
    Maximum Instances
    Single Trade Ticket 20 20
    Multi-Leg Option Ticket 20 4
    Directed Trade Ticket 20 1
    Multi-Trade Ticket 1 1
    Conditional Trade Ticket 1 1
    Trade Armor 4 4
    Orders 1 1
    Charts 20 4
    Quote 20 20
    Filters 20 2
    Option Analytics 4 4
    Option Chain 2 1
    Time & Sales 1 1
    News 1 1
    Message Center 1 1
    Set Price Alert 20 20
    Positions/Watch Lists 20 4
    Balances 20 20
    History 20 20
    Closed Positions 20 20
    Account Summary 20 4
    Option Positions (by Underlying, Strategy or Expiration) 20 4

    Action Menu

    The Action menu is located to the right of the Symbol field and allows quick access to a variety of tasks associated with a given security. For example you can get Quotes, News, Option Chains, Charts, set an Alert, place a Trade, View Lot detail from Positions, or jump to Fidelity.com for a Company Snapshot and other research. The action menu is dynamic and will appear when you hover your mouse in the blank space to the right of the symbol.

    Right-Click Menu

    The Right-Click menu can be accessed by right-clicking on the different areas of a tool or container within the Active Trader Pro Platforms.

    Much of the standard menu functionality is available via the Right-Click menu, including but not limited to:

    • Trade
    • Quote
    • Chart
    • News
    • Option Chain
    • Option Analytics
    • Set Price Alert
    • Research

    A number of tools offer more unique individualized Right-Click menu options, including:

    Use the Right-Click menu in: To perform the following task:
    Positions/Watch Lists
    Option Chain
    Probability Calculator
    Profit and Loss Calculator
    Add/Remove Columns
    Option Chain
    Add a Symbol to a Watch List
    Quote Add/Remove Fields
    Option Chain View Bid/Ask Analytics
    Orders Hide/Show Verified Canceled Orders
    Hide/Show Filled Orders
    Hide/Show Open Orders
    Hide/Show Partially Filled Orders
    Create Duplicate Orders
    Balances Access the Margin Calculator Refresh
    News Save Search
    Profit and Loss Calculator Close MLO Strategies
    Time and Sales
    Remove Filters
    Positions/Watch Lists
    Trade Confirmations

    The best way to discover some of the custom functionalities and how they can be accessed is to right-click on various areas both within the tools and on the tool containers. The Right-Click menu will appear in a convenient location next to the spot where you clicked, and will also feature a scroll bar if the number of available fields exceeds the menu's allotted space.

    Tools in Use Menu

    To quickly see a list of all open tools or to restore a tool that you have minimized, use the Tools in Use menu in the lower right-hand corner of the workspace. To close a tool, mouse over the tool name and then click the close [x] icon.

    Pop-Up Blockers

    In order to optimize your experience with ActiveTraderPro.com, we suggest that you enable pop-ups for our application, allowing a seamless transition to and from Fidelity.com. Most browsers allow you to enable pop-ups on a website-by-website basis, permitting you to allow pop-ups from Fidelity.com only, without otherwise impacting your web experience.

    Streaming Connection Status

    If you lose your connection for streaming quotes, streaming news, or streaming alerts, a red flag will appear in the lower right corner of your Workspace. Click the icon to view the status of your connection. The status indicator will continue to display even after a lost connection is re-established.

    Suggested System Requirements

    Components Recommended System Requirements Minimum System Requirements
    Operating System Active Trader Pro desktop: Windows 7

    ActiveTraderPro.com web-based: Windows 7, MAC OS X 10.7 or higher, with Intel Processor
    Active Trader Pro desktop: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

    ActiveTraderPro.com web-based: Windows Vista, or Windows 7, MAC OS X 10.6 or higher, with Intel Processor
    Processor Active Trader Pro desktop: Intel Core i5/i7 or equivalent dual or quad core 3.0 GHz
    ActiveTraderPro.com web-based: Intel Core i5/i7 or equivalent dual or quad core 3.0 GHz
    Active Trader Pro desktop: Dual Core Processor 2.53 GHz or faster
    ActiveTraderPro.com web-based: Dual Core Processor 2.53 GHz or faster
    Memory 6GB or more 4GB
    Network Connection High-speed Internet 6 Mbps or better High-speed Internet 3 Mbps or better
    Hard Drive 200 MB available 50 MB available
    Graphics Cards 32 bit Graphics Support 512MB
    or more
    * Dedicated graphics card preferred
    32 bit Graphics Support
    128 MB video Memory
    Required Software Active Trader Pro: .Adobe Flash Player v14, .NET Framework 4.03 - Installed with ATP

    ActiveTraderPro.com: Silverlight 5, Adobe Flash Player v14
    Active Trader Pro: Adobe Flash Player v10.1, .NET Framework 4.03 - Installed with ATP

    ActiveTraderPro.com: Silverlight 5, Adobe Flash Player v10.1
    Browser ActiveTraderPro.com: Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6, Firefox 24 ActiveTraderPro.com: Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Firefox 11

    Note: If you require data intensive layouts (such as those with multiple charts, option chains, etc.), we recommend using the desktop platform, which can provide additional computing power.

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