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  • Find Positions in All Accounts

    To see your exposure to a particular security across all accounts, or to sell all shares of a position:

    • Select Find Positions in All Accounts from the main navigation toolbar, under Accounts, or from the Action menu of any appropriate tool, including Filters, Watch List, and Positions.
    • When you select Find Positions in All Accounts, the symbol in focus will launch the tool seeded with all of your positions in the security, across all accounts.
    • Select the Close All button to seed the Multi-Trade tool and then close the position across all accounts.
    • You can choose to close a position in one or more (as opposed to all) accounts at one time by using the keyboard and mouse commands [Shift + click] or [Control + click]. When all appropriate positions are selected, right-click to select the desired trade action.
    • Your orders are then added to the Multi-Trade tool. You can then edit or place the trades as you would normally.
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