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    The Account Summary tool gives you a real-time snapshot of gain/loss, balance, and order information for an account. The tool provides a consolidated view of the gain/loss figures for the selected brokerage account. It displays how much your account is up or down for the day or since purchase on open positions and positions you closed out today. The balance section highlights buying power balances for quick reference as a seamless part of your trade flow. Information on number of open orders, open positions, and trades executed today is included.

    Trade Restrictions and Violations

    The tool will also provide a message if an account has a trading restriction or violation. Hover over the message to get details on the restriction/violation. Possible restrictions and violations include:

    • Good Faith Violation
    • Freeride Violation/Restriction
    • Day Trade Liquidation Violation
    • Day Trading Restriction
    • Online Trading Block

    Restriction and Violation information is updated with every login to Active Trader Pro. If you believe you have received a message is in error, please call a Fidelity representative at 800.544.6666.

    Account Summary Definitions

    Field Description Update
    Today's Net Change The sum of the realized and unrealized G/L since the prior close. A representation of change in market movement for the day. This balance does not include any deposits or withdrawals. Real-Time
    Realized G/L Since Close G/L on positions closed today valued against the prior closing price. A view of how much the account gained or lost today on a position that was closed out. Real-Time
    Unrealized G/L Since Close G/L on open positions valued against the prior closing price. A view of how the market is affecting open positions today. Real-Time
    Realized G/L Since Purchase Total amount of G/L on positions closed out today valued against the purchase prices. Real-Time
    Unrealized G/L Since Purchase Total amount of G/L on open positions valued against the purchase prices. Real-Time
    Realized G/L YTD Total G/L on positions closed this year Real-Time
    Open Positions Number of open stock, ETF, options and fixed income positions on the selected account Real-Time
    Open Orders Number of orders for the selected account with a status of open, includes open partially filled orders. Real-Time
    Today's Trades Number of traded positions for the day. Real-Time

    For definition on balances shown on the Account Summary tool, go to Balances Help.

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