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  • Account Groups and Nicknames

    To help track your investments, use the Account Groups feature to manage a group of accounts. For example, if you have more than one retirement account, you might want to use a Retirement Account group to view positions or history for all retirement accounts.

    To create or modify groups, select Accounts from the main navigation toolbar then select Account Features and click on Manage Groups. Use the Fidelity.com Name Accounts and Customize Display page to create and edit groups and account nicknames. Groups and account nicknames set up on Fidelity.com will carry over to Active Trader Pro. If you are already logged in to Active Trader Pro, re-start ATP for changes to appear.

    Select Groups from the account dropdown menu on the Positions and History tool to view account information by custom group.You can also view news for a custom group by selecting Account Groups News under the My News menu.

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