Set up or update your bank wire instructions

You cannot use the online steps to set up or update your bank wire instructions if:

  • You've changed your mailing address or updated your security questions within the last 30 days (this precaution is to protect your online security), or
  • Your bank's wiring instructions have "Further Credit" information

In these cases, you'll need to add or update your bank information by submitting the Bank Wire Authorization (PDF) form, instead of using the online steps.

  1. Contact your bank to confirm the correct wiring information—the 9-digit routing number on your checkbook might not be the same routing number used to wire funds.
  2. From TransferLog In Required, select Add a Bank Account and then choose the Bank Wire tab.
  3. Verify your identity:
    • On the Request Security Code page, enter your text-enabled cell phone number
    • A 6-digit security code is sent immediately to your phone
    • Enter the code and then answer one of the security questions you provided
    Note: If you don't enter the code online within 30 minutes, it expires. If this happens, ask for a new code. Also, make sure you enter the code itself and not the phone number that sent the code.
  4. Add the bank account information:
    • The 9-digit bank routing number (ABA)
    • Bank account number
    • Re-enter bank account number
    • Bank account owner—indicate if you're sending the wire to yourself or to a third party
  5. Review your bank wire information for accuracy and select Submit.
  6. You'll see a confirmation page with your bank wire details.