Education and Financial Literacy

When people have access to knowledge and expertise, they are more confident, can make better decisions, and generally achieve better outcomes. We apply this approach both in helping customers and in supporting the communities where we live and work.

In partnership with established nonprofit organizations and regional school systems, our primary focus is to create volunteer opportunities for our employees that use their insights and experience to help provide students in need with an educational foundation to feel more confident, make smart decisions, and achieve personal and financial goals.

We believe this foundation begins with the basics—a quality education complete with strong analytical and critical thinking skills—delivered in a dynamic setting that helps young people thrive. Long-term success also requires financial education programs focused on key economic and personal finance concepts that enable students to make smart financial decisions, expose them to new learning situations, and expand their career opportunities.

Whether we're mentoring students or teaching them financial concepts, we foster an environment that encourages our employees to share their time and talent throughout the year.

With a focus on improving basic skills and transforming learning environments, our volunteer activities help provide young people with the solid foundation they need to thrive. Our support ranges from tutoring and creating academically enriching apprenticeships to refurbishing schools and donating books and supplies.

Transforming learning environments

Some volunteers will enhance school yards, others will help renovate a library. It’s all part of Fidelity’s annual "School Transformation Days." In 2014, 22 events were held at schools across the country, with more than 3,000 Fidelity volunteers contributing more than 15,000 service hours. In partnership with HandsOn Network, an enterprise of Points of Light, Fidelity employees worked with students, teachers, and school staff to bring renewed energy and enthusiasm to schools in our communities.

Helping fourth-graders read through eMentoring

Fourth-grade students at Jackson Elementary School are improving their reading skills through an eMentoring literacy program called In2Books, involving more than 100 employees from Fidelity offices in Utah. Over the course of the academic year, volunteers and students read and discuss five books via email. Students receive a meaningful learning experience through their online book buddies and the flexible, anywhere, anytime program.

Teaching students to help STEM hunger

Students from Holmes Middle School teamed with hundreds of employee volunteers from Fidelity’s Midwest regional offices to understand the math and science behind growing crops. Students learned to plant seeds, grow and harvest the crops, and deliver them back to the community. The six-month, hands-on program incorporated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning concepts to solve real world problems, such as hunger.

In all aspects of our business, we have a passion for sharing our insights and experience to help people live the lives they want. The same is true with our financial education activities, where we focus our volunteer efforts on teaching students the basics of personal finances through in-classroom discussion, hands-on simulation activities, and interactive games.

Bringing financial literacy to 12th-graders

More than 8,000 Jacksonville High School students are learning basic financial concepts, such as interest rates and inflation, through a 13-week Junior Achievement financial literacy program for all 12th-graders in the Duval County School District. Employees from Fidelity offices in Florida are lending their time and expertise to help with this program throughout the school year.

Teaching kids to "Invest Like a Millionaire"

We are helping students across the country to become responsible, money-savvy adults through a hands-on Citizen Schools apprenticeship program taught by hundreds of Fidelity employees. Guided by Fidelity's signature "Invest Like a Millionaire" curriculum, volunteers work side-by-side with middle school students to teach them financial management and budgeting skills. After 10 weeks, students present their real-life "clients" with customized investment plans.

Preparing teachers to teach personal finance

Fidelity employees in North Carolina are doing their part to help local teachers meet the state's new personal finance standards, ultimately supporting more than 15,000 students. Teachers participated in activity-filled "Teach-a-Teacher" training events, and collaborated with employees and the North Carolina Council on Economic Education to determine how they can apply financial education to their classroom curriculum.

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