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In December 2022, all CollegeSure Honors Savings Accounts will be moved from College Savings Bank® to AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan managed by Fidelity®. Much of this will be done automatically, but there are a few easy steps you'll need to take to get started with your new account.

Beginning December 1st

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ACTIVATE your AZ529 Plan account by following these steps:

You can activate your AZ529 Plan account starting December 1, 2022. You'll need the AZ529 Plan account profile letter sent by Fidelity, one for each account, which includes important information such as your account number and beneficiary.

New to Fidelity?

  1. Set up your online access.
  2. Select the "Account balances" link from the "Welcome to Fidelity" screen.
  3. If you own one AZ529 Plan account, you will automatically be directed to activate the account. Follow the instructions.

    If you own more than one AZ529 account, select the "Activate" link next to one of your AZ529 accounts. Follow the instructions. Repeat these steps for your remaining accounts.

Existing Fidelity relationship

  1. Visit your Accounts summaryLog In Required.
  2. Select the "Activate" link next to your AZ529 Plan account. Follow the instructions.

    If you own more than one AZ529 Plan account, repeat these steps for your remaining accounts.

Note: Your AZ529 account number has been updated and is different from the account number you had with College Savings Bank.

MANAGE your AZ529 account contributions and move money

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