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Employee Engagement

For decades, Fidelity employees have participated in the communities where we work and live, offering their time and talent in many ways. Our employees today continue their history of volunteering by:

  • Teaching students personal finance basics through in-classroom discussion, hands-on simulation activities and interactive games
  • Conducting financial education and science programs
  • Holding reading, writing and math tutoring sessions
  • Teaching academically enriching apprenticeships
  • Mentoring young people
  • Placing executives in the classroom to teach
  • Collecting and distributing backpacks and school supplies to students
  • Leading workshops on topics such as college financial planning, job interviewing, public speaking and resume writing
  • Hosting field trips and career days designed to expose students to college and career opportunities
  • Refurbishing school learning environments – from building college and career zones, to renovating school libraries and painting classrooms
  • Offering specialized skills to nonprofit organizations to expand their capabilities – from strategy development to technology creation
  • Providing food, clothing and holiday gifts to families and children in need

"I volunteered for the project to be able to give back to the school. Fidelity is involved in many volunteer projects. Being able to work side-by-side with teachers, students, friends, and colleagues in order to help current and future students succeed is monumental."

– Fidelity Investments Volunteer