One-Time Security Code FAQs

  • Why do I need a security code to log in?

    Common online activities such as downloading apps, or using the same password on multiple sites can put your login information at risk. We use a security code as additional verification to help prevent unauthorized access to your account, and in cases where your username and password may have been compromised.

  • Does this mean someone tried to access my account?

    No, it's a best practice we're implementing to enhance the security of your online activities.

  • How do I get a security code?

    You can receive a code as a text message on your mobile phone or an automated call.

  • What if I don't have a mobile phone with me?

    Don't worry. You can still receive your security code. Simply log in to your account and request that the code be sent to an alternate number you have provided. If you don't have an alternate number, select the Need Help? link to contact a Fidelity representative, who can help you get a code.

  • My code doesn't work. What should I do?

    First, make sure you are using the code that is in the message itself and not the hyphenated 6-digit incoming number. If this doesn't solve the problem do the following:

    1. Select "Didn't get the code?"
    2. Complete the steps for requesting a new code. If you're receiving the code by phone, make sure to choose a compatible delivery method. For example, we can only send text messages to a mobile phone. For a landline phone, select an automated call.

    If you received multiple codes, enter the most recent one.

  • When will I be asked for a security code?

    We may ask you for a security code if we don't recognize the device you're logging in from. You can reduce the frequency with which this happens by selecting "Remember this device." But device recognition is only one of several factors we use to verify your identity. Using a different browser than your usual one could be another factor.

    There are certain other transactions, such as setting up new bank instructions, that will always require a security code.

  • What if I lose or give away a device I registered?

    If you no longer have a device you registered, you should delete it from your profile. Go to Profile, and under Alerts & Notifications, select Manage Email & Cell Phone. To verify that it is you deleting the device, we may ask you for a security code. For this reason, it's important that you include more than one phone number if possible.