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Working with Search Results

The Results page lets you view the results of your search in a number of different ways. Once you've performed a search, take the time to explore each resulting security carefully. When studying your results, you can easily access additional research about a company or view price quotes. You can edit your criteria to narrow or expand your search, modify the results of the criteria weighting, create a watch list to track specific companies, access research, execute a trade, and save criteria for future use.

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What are the different ways I can view my results?

By default, search results are ranked by score, from highest to lowest. To change the way your results are sorted, click the name of the column. A carat appears in the column by which the results are sorted.

The default view is based on the search criteria, and displays columns for each criterion included in the search, as well as columns for the score, company name, and symbol. You can see the values for other criteria in your results by selecting different views from the View drop-down list, or creating a custom view. Available views include:

What is the score?

Each company in your results set is assigned an overall score from 1 to 100. A score of 100 represents the best match for the criteria you have chosen. The companies that most closely match your criteria appear at the top of the list. The score is designed to help you understand how well each stock meets your indicated criteria (based on an equal weighting of each criterion) compared to all other stocks in the research database. Note that the score does not constitute advice or guidance, nor is it a measure of the suitability of the security as an investment vehicle for you. For information on what comprises the stock search database, see What is the universe of companies used in the stock searches?.

To determine the average score for each company in your results, a sub-score is assigned to each criterion in your search, based on how closely that criterion meets the value you have selected. To see the sub-score for each criterion in your results, choose Score Detail from the View drop-down list.

For example, suppose a screen includes the following three criteria:

and the results include the following stocks:

Criteria Actual Value Score Summary
P/E 11 89 better than 89% of all stocks in universe
Earnings growth 18% 74 better than 74% of all stocks in universe
Debt/Equity 5% 84 better than 84% of all stocks in universe

The stock's overall score would be 82, calculated as follows: (89 + 74 + 84) / 3.

Note: The stock screener score is calculated based upon the customer-selected screening criteria or in accordance with the Independent Expert strategies. The score is not based upon any information or data provided by Fidelity. For more information, please refer to Important Information Regarding Third-Party Content.

How do I change the weighting of the criteria?

To change the weightings of the criteria, click Modify Criteria Weighting at the bottom of the Results page. Enter the new weighting percentage for each criteria—the total must equal 100%. Click Update Weightings to view the new results.

How do I keep track of the companies I find interesting in my results list?

From the Results page, you can easily track the companies you are interested in by creating a watch list. To create a watch list, check the boxes next to the companies you want to include, and click Create Watch List at the bottom of the search results. The symbols and current prices for the companies you select pre-fill the Add Watch List page, from which you can modify and save your watch list.

What if I don't see what I expected?

If your results do not show a stock you were expecting to see, create a Stock Scorecard to see how this stock performed against the criteria you used to generate your results. Enter the stock's symbol in the the Stock Scorecard section in the lower right hand corner of the Results page.

Can I save the criteria that I've selected for a particular search?

If you have created a search that you would like to run again in the future, you can save the criteria you have chosen by clicking Save Criteria at the top of the Results page. Enter a name for this set of criteria on the Save Search Criteria page, and click Save. You can save up to 25 sets of search criteria, which you can easily rerun from the Search Methods page, or rerun and manage from the Saved Searches pages. For more information on managing saved searches, see Managing Searches.

I have too many or too few results. How do I narrow or expand my search?

If you have more results than you want, you can narrow the number of results by selecting more criteria or narrowing the range of values that you are using. If you have no results, you can expand the number of results by removing some criteria or expanding the range of values. At the top of the Results page, click either Add/Remove Criteria to display the Advanced Search: Choose Criteria page, or Edit Criteria Values to display the Enter Values page.

On the Choose Criteria page, you can remove a criterion by unchecking its box, and you can add criteria by checking the box associated with each criterion you want to use. Once you've selected the criteria you want, click Next at the bottom of the Choose Criteria page to redisplay the Enter Values page with your new set of criteria. See Entering Criteria Values for more information.

What actions can I perform on symbols included in my search results?

Use the Actions drop-down box to perform a trade, a hypothetical trade, add the stock to a watch list, or view detailed research on the stock. You can also perform actions for more than one stock at a time:

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