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Independent Expert Search Strategies

If you're not sure where to begin looking for stocks, you can search using expert stock search strategies, organized by investment style. Stock search strategies have been developed by third-party professionals, each with a specific investment goal in mind. You can use expert search strategies to find stocks that match the predefined criteria, or you can use them as jumping off points for creating your own search strategy. By modifying the search criteria or its values, you can tailor the strategy to better suit your needs.

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How do I run an independent expert search strategy?

You can run an independent expert search strategy by clicking Search next to one of the featured strategies on the Research > Stocks home page, or you can click the name of a strategy on the View All Independent Expert Search Strategies or Preset Expert Strategies page. Strategies are organized by investment style (growth, value, blend, sector, and additional). Running the strategy displays the strategy's detail page, which includes the top 10 search results.

What information appears on the expert stock search strategy's detail page?

The detail page for an expert stock search strategy offers an article that describes the strategy's goal, approach, and important features. The criteria and values used in the search appear in the article's left column. The top 10 results from the strategy appear in the article's right column. Results are ordered by score, a measure of how closely a security meets the screen's criteria.

What actions can I take from the search results?

You can initiate trades, add stocks to a watch list, compare stocks, or perform a hypothetical trade from the search results by checking the boxes next to the stocks you're interested in and clicking the buttons at the bottom of the top 10 results area. Selecting multiple stocks and clicking Trade initiates a basket trade. You can select up to 20 securities when performing a hypothetical trade, and up to 5 securities when comparing stocks.

How can I view the full set of search results?

Click View All Results to display the full set of search results. See Working with Search Results for more information.

How do I compare a stock of my choice to an expert strategy?

To compare a stock of your choice to an expert strategy, create a Stock Scorecard. Enter the symbol in the Stock Scorecard in the lower right-hand section of the page. See Stock Scorecard for more information.

Can I modify the criteria for an independent expert strategy?

Yes. You can use an expert search strategy as a jumping-off point for creating your own screening strategy. Click Edit Criteria Values to view all the criteria and values used to create the expert search strategy. By modifying the criteria and their values, you leave the independent expert strategy and tailor the search to better suit your needs. See Entering Criteria Values for complete details on how to select criteria and criteria values.

Note: When you modify the criteria or values of an expert search strategy, you are creating your own search strategy and are no longer using the predefined search strategy.

Can I save the criteria for an independent expert strategy after I modify it?

Yes. After you run the strategy with your modified criteria, you can save the criteria and rerun the search whenever you like. See Managing Searches for complete information.

Where does the description of an independent expert strategy and its criteria come from?

Expert search strategies are provided to Fidelity by independent third-party professionals. They provide criteria and supporting information for a strategy.

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