Meet the Investment Team

Strategic Advisers LLC

Strategic Advisers LLC (Strategic Advisers) provides discretionary portfolio management as sub-adviser for the Fidelity Tax-Managed International Equity Index Strategy. Strategic Advisers has 25 years of experience in tax-smart investment management*, and 10-years of experience in direct indexing.

Jennifer O'Brien


Jennifer O'Brien is a senior investment manager at Strategic Advisers LLC, a registered investment adviser and a Fidelity Investments company.
In this role, Ms. O'Brien is responsible for managing the Fidelity Tax-Managed International Equity Index separately managed account strategy and overseeing its adherence to its investment mandate and objective. Her day-to-day portfolio management responsibilities include managing customized, tax-sensitive asset allocation portfolios for individual clients and trusts. Additionally, Ms. O'Brien oversees the analysis, reallocation, and investment selection for individual high-net-worth client portfolios.
Prior to assuming her current role in 2013, Ms. O'Brien held various other roles within Fidelity, including that of equity sector trader, equity business associate, and operations associate. She has been in the financial industry since joining Fidelity in 2006. Ms. O'Brien earned her bachelor of arts degree from Tufts University.