Professionally managed accounts from Fidelity

Guided by what matters most to you

Investing for your future takes knowledge, discipline, and time. It also takes the understanding and experience to make smart decisions. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone.

When you work with us, your money is managed by professionals who follow a disciplined investing process, have access to all of Fidelity's resources, and have the knowledge and experience to put all of that to work to help you pursue your personal financial goals. Here's how it works...


Tell us your needs and goals, and we'll propose an investment plan that's appropriate for you.


We'll apply a disciplined approach to help you stay invested and on track toward your financial goals.


We'll be here when you need us, whether you have a question about the markets or need to adjust your plan.

There are many benefits to having a professionally managed account from Fidelity. This site focuses specifically on how we'll get to know you, your needs, and the things that matter most to you, so we can propose an investment plan that fits your situation.

No single investment strategy is right for everyone. Your goals are personal, so your plan should be personal. That's why we get to know you first. And as your life, needs, time horizon, and goals change, we'll continue to work with you to adjust your strategy. With professional money management at Fidelity, we're with you every step of the way.

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