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The monetary amount of a gain or loss realized from selling shares. If the amount is a loss, it is displayed in red characters with a leading minus sign. On gain/loss screens, if the Gain/Loss is not known, the column is blank, with a hyphen (-) displaying instead of an amount. The gain/loss is unknown when the cost basis is unknown. On the Closed Positions screen, Gain/Loss may be shown as "Non-reportable" if the position was closed by an action other than a 1099-B-reportable event, for example, the transfer of all shares. In this case, Non-reportable extends into the Term column.

Gain per TSRU
Equal to the Settlement Price less the Grant Price plus Dividend per Share.

Good 'til Cancel
A time-in-force restriction that can be placed on the execution of a sell request. This restriction requires that the sell request remain open until the sell request completes or 120 days, which ever comes first. Good 'til Canceled sell requests are generally good for 120 days. If the request is not executed after 120 days, the request is automatically canceled. Some plans have been granted the ability to place Good 'til Canceled sell requests without a time limit restriction. These requests will remain in effect until the request executes, or until it must be canceled due to plan rules.

Note: Good 'til Canceled limit sell requests placed with limit prices too far from the current market price of a stock may be unlikely to be executed.

The transaction by which your employer awards you stock options. The terms of your grant are determined by your grant agreement and your company's stock option plan.

Grant Agreement
A contract between you and the stock option grant issuer (e.g. your company) that sets forth the terms of the option award (e.g., grant price, number of shares, vesting schedule, expiration date, etc.).

Grant Date
The date on which the company (e.g. your employer) issued the grant or award.

Grant ID
The unique number that identifies a particular grant. This number is assigned by the issuer (for example, your company) for tracking purposes.

Grant Price
Under a stock option plan, the price at which shares of the underlying stock may be acquired when the you exercise your stock options.

Under a restricted stock award or restricted stock units plan, the price per share value of the shares or units.

Under a stock appreciation rights grant, the price from which appreciation is measured.

Under a total shareholder return unit, the fair market value of the shares or units at the time the award is granted.

Grant Type
Whether a stock option grant is for tax-advantaged incentive stock options, qualified stock options, or non-qualified stock options.