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Value of Unvested Awards
The value of your Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs) that have not yet vested, based on Fair Market Value.

For stock option grants, when you have earned the right of ownership and the stock options are eligible for exercise.

Vested Awards
Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs) that have become unrestricted because the vesting date or performance criteria have been met.

Vested Options/Exercisable
The number of stock options from those originally granted that have been held long enough for you to have right of ownership and to be available for exercise.

Vested Options
Stock options for a particular stock option grant that are eligible for exercise. On the Stock Option Summary|Vesting Schedule and Details screen, two vested options balances display. One is the total number of vested options and the other is the total estimated current value of these options.

Vested Schedule
Schedule of dates on which you get the right of ownership for a specific number of stock options awarded as part of a stock option grant. The vesting schedule for stock options is defined in the grant agreement you sign when you accept a stock option grant. For example, if you were granted 1000 stock options on February 1, 2000. The vesting schedule may state that 200 of the options will be vested on February 1, 2004, another 200 options will be vested on February 1, 2005, another 200 on February 1, 2006, etc.

For stock option grants, this is the process by which options become exercisable, usually through the passage of time. Stock options are considered vested when you have the right of ownership and you can exercise the options at any time before they expire.

Vesting Date

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An option on the Summary screen for an Employee Stock Purchase Plan that navigates to the details of the corresponding offering period dates.