Fidelity Youth®

A teen-owned brokerage account that gives teens ages 13–17 the power to save, spend, and invest their own money—while letting parents stay connected.

Account benefits

Empower your teen to prepare for their financial future and safely build strong money skills for life.

$0 Fees to open

The Fidelity Youth® Account has no subscription fees, no account fees, and no minimum balances to open.1

A debit card

Fidelity Youth includes a debit card with 5¢ back per use2—and ATM fees reimbursed globally.3

Investing with just $1

A brokerage account with the tools and education to help teens invest with as little as $1.

Safe and sound

Parents can view their teen's investments and transactions, and get notified of account activity, to provide guidance and oversight. Plus, your teen's account is secured with the Fidelity Customer Protection Guarantee.

An app designed for teens

Teens get more out of their account with the Fidelity Youth® app.

Fidelity Youth Baskets

Fidelity Youth Baskets offer an easy way for teens to invest in multiple stocks and ETFs and manage them as a single investment.

In-app lessons and rewards

Teens can learn the basics of saving and investing with tailored, interactive lessons. They can even earn rewards for completing them in the app.

Allowance scheduling

It's easy to schedule an allowance for your teen on a weekly or biweekly basis. Edit, pause, or stop allowances from within the app.

How to get started

  1. Parent opens the account

    A parent or guardian must open the Fidelity Youth Account on behalf of their teen; parents must have an existing account with Fidelity.4 To make things easier, both accounts can be opened at the same time.

  2. Teen downloads the app

    Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app isn’t just for teens—parents can also use it to review their teen's account activity, send money, and more.

  3. Teen activates the account

    Teens create a login and agree to terms and conditions to activate their new account.

Download the Fidelity Youth app

Helping your teen's cash work harder

We take your teen's uninvested cash and automatically put it into a money market fund that can now earn 4.96%.

Fidelity® Government Money Market Fund (SPAXX*) 7-day yield as of June 6, 2024; the yield may vary owing to market conditions.5

*The performance data featured represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate; therefore, you may have a gain or loss when you sell your shares. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance data quoted. Visit for more recent performance.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Fidelity Youth® Account?

    The Fidelity Youth® Account is a teen-owned brokerage account that comes with a debit card. It is not a joint account or a custodial account. Fidelity Youth® lets teens save, spend, and invest in a single account. There are no subscription fees, no account fees, no minimums to open the account2, and no global ATM fees3. The teen is the owner of the account and has control over it (i.e., they are the sole decision maker, not the teen's parent or guardian).

  • Is the Fidelity Youth™ Account a joint account or custodial account?

    No, the Fidelity Youth™ Account is a teen-owned brokerage account. It is owned by the minor, who makes all the investment decisions. This is unlike a custodial account (e.g., Uniform Gifts to Minors Act [UGMA] account or a Uniform Transfers to Minors Act [UTMA] account) where the custodian makes the investment decisions on the minor's behalf.

  • What securities is my teen able to invest in?

    Teens can invest in:

    • Fidelity mutual funds
    • Most US stocks
    • Some exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

    Teens cannot invest in:

    • Third-party mutual funds
    • Corporate bonds
    • Municipal fixed income securities
    • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
    • Treasuries
    • REITs
    • Convertibles
    • Leveraged and inverse ETFs
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • FILI Insurance products
    • Penny stocks (stocks valued at $5/share or less)
    • International stocks
    • Foreign currencies

    Additionally, teens cannot engage in options or margin trading or short selling, or participate in a company's IPO.

  • What controls does a parent have over a teen’s Fidelity Youth® Account?

    Parents/guardians will:

    • Initiate and approve of opening the account
    • Retain the ability to close the account and/or cancel the debit card at any time
    • Be an Interested Party with “inquiry access,” meaning they will be able to review debit card statements, trade confirmations, and account transactions
    • Be designated as the “trusted contact”—a contact on the account should a situation concerning the teen’s welfare arise

    Parents cannot:

    • Transact in the account
    • Withdraw money from the account
  • How is the money in a Fidelity Youth® Account safeguarded?

    Fidelity brokerage accounts are covered by SIPC. This includes money market funds held in a brokerage account since they are considered securities. Learn more about SIPC coverage at

  • What happens when my teen turns age 18?

    Once the teen reaches age 18, the account must be converted to a standard Fidelity brokerage account. The assets will stay in the same account and keep the same account number/login credentials. Teens can still use the Fidelity Youth® app when they turn 18; however, additional capabilities are available to them in the Fidelity Mobile® app. As the account owner, the teen will need to agree to a new set of governing documents, including a new account agreement. They will be prompted to convert their account starting on their 18th birthday. The debit card they were issued for their Fidelity Youth® Account will continue to be valid until it expires. At that point, a new brokerage debit card will be issued. They can access information about their card on the debit card page.1

    The Fidelity Youth® Account is not a custodial account, and the state law definitions of age of majority that pertain to the transition of custodial accounts do not apply to Fidelity Youth® Accounts.

  • What’s the difference between Fidelity Youth Baskets and Fidelity Basket Portfolios?

    Fidelity Youth Baskets offer a subset of the functionality that Fidelity Basket Portfolios offer. With Fidelity Youth Baskets, teens may choose to invest in teen-inspired thematic stock baskets (created based on teen feedback) or may select an ETF model portfolio.

    Fidelity Youth Baskets are an enhancement to an existing Fidelity Youth Account with no enrollment fee, no additional account fees, no account minimums2, and no trade commissions2 for online US stocks or ETFs. Teens can invest as little as $1.00 per stock or ETF. Fidelity Youth Baskets are only available to teens (ages 13-17) who have an active Fidelity Youth Account.

    Adult Fidelity customers (ages 18+) may access basket trading capabilities with Fidelity Basket Portfolios, including the new thematic Youth Basket models. Fidelity Basket Portfolios require a $4.99/month enrollment fee (after a free 30-day trial). There are no additional account fees, no account minimums2 or trade commissions7 for online US stocks or ETFs, and you can invest as little as $1.00 per stock or ETF and create as many baskets as you’d like.

    Fidelity Basket Portfolios (ages 18+) include a larger number of thematic models for investors to choose from—as well as ETF model portfolios. In addition, baskets may be fully customized: Fidelity Basket Portfolio investors may adjust holdings and weights, build a basket from scratch, and trade with one click. This range of customization is not included with Youth Baskets.

    Lastly, adult Fidelity customers (ages 18+) may also opt to enroll in Fidelity Managed FidFolios℠. Fidelity Managed FidFolios℠ are a type of digital separately managed account designed for clients who are looking to own a professionally managed portfolio of stocks. When you enroll in Fidelity Managed FidFolios, you’re hiring a team of experienced professionals to take care of the day-to-day investment decisions, based on the strategy you select that's personalized around your investment preferences.

      Fidelity Youth Baskets Fidelity Basket Portfolios Fidelity Managed FidFolios℠
    Investment options Choose from prebuilt, teen-inspired baskets of stocks or select an ETF model portfolio. Customization not available. Pick the stocks and ETFs you want or choose from prebuilt thematic models from Fidelity experts that you can customize. Choose from portfolios that seek investment results similar to major US and international indexes, including a sustainable option.
    Rebalancing Self-directed traditional rebalancing (rebalance to the published model) available anytime. Options for self-directed traditional (rebalance to the published model) or tax-efficient rebalancing. Automated professional management.
    Tax management Managed by you. Managed by you. Managed by us.
    Minimums & fees Invest any amount with fractional shares6; no account fees or minimum account balances.2 Invest any amount with fractional shares6; 30-day free trial, then pay a flat $4.99 monthly fee. $5,000 minimum investment,8 with an advisory fee based on your account balance.9
    Eligibility Teen-inspired models are available to Youth Account holders (ages 13-17) only. Fidelity account holders ages 18+; not available to Youth Account holders. Fidelity account holders ages 18+; not available to Youth Account holders.