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Monitoring Stocks

You can monitor stocks using the Recently Viewed stocks list, watch lists, and the Own list. You can set time-based and price-trigger alerts and have stock information automatically sent to your pager, Internet-ready personal digital assistant (PDA), Internet-ready phone or desktop e-mail. You can also keep track of breaking company news with Fidelity's list of online conference calls and corporate events.

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What is the Recently Viewed Stocks list?

The Recently Viewed Stocks list keeps track of the most recent 50 securities you've evaluated or compared. You can use this list to keep track of potential buys, and you can easily purchase securities from this list when you determine that the timing is right.

See Using the Recently Viewed Stocks List for details.

What is a watch list?

A watch list is a list of securities you want to track. You can include stocks, mutual funds, money markets, Fidelity Select Portfolios®, options, and indexes in a watch list. You can create up to 15 watch lists of up to 50 securities each.

See Using Watch Lists for details.

What is the Own list?

The Own list shows the securities you own, by account. You can filter the list by account, or view a list of securities that you own across all accounts.

See Using the Own List for details.

What are conference calls?

The Conference Calls page lets you keep track of breaking company news by providing links to online conference calls available via webcast.

See Conference Calls for details.

What are Fidelity alerts?

You can set alerts to automatically receive quotes and other information for the securities in your watch lists or the Own list. Alerts can be based on price triggers, or according to a schedule you establish. Alerts can be sent to your pager, Internet-ready personal digital assistant (PDA), Internet-ready phone, desktop e-mail, or fax machine. For more on Fidelity alerts, see Learn Alerts.

What are Upgrades/Downgrades?

The Upgrades/Downgrades page displays a comprehensive list of analyst stock rating changes (upgrades and downgrades), as well as updates on new stocks analysts are covering (coverage initiated), and updates on on stocks analyst no longer cover (coverage dropped). Select the Latest Activity tab to review the most recent updates, or the Upgrades, Downgrades, Coverage Initiated, and Coverage Dropped tabs to review updates for the last 30 days.

For more information, see Upgrades/Downgrades.

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