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To help keep you up-to-date with the latest company-specific research, market commentary and analysis, and macro-economic research, Fidelity has gathered together continuously updated independent analyst research from a number of the world's most well-known research providers, including Zacks Research, Decision Economics, Lehman, Ned Davis Research, S&P and Zacks.

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What research is available on provides you with access to a broad range of qualitative, quantitative, and technical analysis from 12 wellknown research firms including Lehman Brothers, Ned Davis Research, Standard & Poor's, and Zacks. The Browse Research page gives you access to searchable and continuously updated research reports from a number of research providers, including special reports such as daily market commentary from Zacks Research, daily briefings and weekly analysis from Decision Economics, and daily stock ideas and commentary from Lehman Brothers and Standard & Poor's.

How do I find research reports by firm?

From the Browse Research page, click a research firm's name for a list of special reports, when available, and to perform a firm-specific search.

How can I find information about a firm?

From the Browse Research page, click a research firm's name, then click the Learn About link at the top of the research provider's home page.

How do I search for research reports?

At the bottom of the Browse Research page, use the Search for Research Reports area to search for specific reports by ticker, provider, title keyword, and date range. If you search by symbol, you can return a list of reports specific to that symbol, or a list of all reports that mention the symbol. You can also perform firm-specific searches from each of the research provider home pages.

How do I read research reports?

To read a research report, click the report's name. You must have the free Adobe Reader to read research reports.

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