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Comparing Stocks

You can compare side by side key fundamental and technical information with 10 pre-built views. It is a quick and easy way to view balance sheet and income statement information side by side. Plus you can create and save a custom view of the data that is important to you from over 140 criteria.

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How do I compare stocks?

You can compare stocks by entering up to five symbols in the text boxes on the Compare Stocks page and clicking Compare. You can also initiate a comparison by selecting up to five stocks in search results, the Recently Viewed Stocks List, the Own list, or a watch list and clicking Compare.

How do I compare a stock against its competitors?

To compare a stock against up to four competitors automatically, enter the stock's symbol and click Show Competitors. Because a stock's competitors are determined by a third party using the process described below, competitors may not be displayed for some stocks.

How are competitors determined?

Competitor information is provided to Fidelity by Reuters. Competitors are collected for companies publicly traded on a U.S. exchange (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC), and includes ADRs. When compiling a new or existing competitor list, Reuters takes the following steps to provide the most accurate and representative competitor list:

Competitors are ranked from highest to lowest competition. When you click Show Competitors, Fidelity displays the four highest ranked competitors for the first company chosen. In the 10-K or equivalent, the company will often list their competitors in ranking order, so Reuters will list them identically. However, if the 10-K lists competitors in alphabetical or random order, Reuters Competitors will rank by:

Competitors are updated annually, when the company issues its 10-K or equivalent, or periodically, when a corporate action has been completed (e.g., merger, acquisition, divestiture, restructuring, expansion) that alters a company's competitor landscape.

How many stocks can I compare at one time?

You can compare up to five stocks at once.

What are the preset views available?

Choose how you view information on the stocks by changing the views to focus on Key Statistics, Dividends, Valuation, Performance & Volatility, Growth, Profitability, Cash & Debt, Analyst Opinions, Ownership & Trading Characteristics, and intraday Price and Volume.

How do I create my own custom view?

You can create a custom view by using “Edit View” to select data from over 140+ criterion you would like to see. Save this view for future use in comparing other stocks.

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