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Normalize talking about money

We talk openly and honestly about the ins and outs of money and investing—so that you can too.

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Plan for gender differences

We can help you invest with considerations for longevity, pay gaps, career breaks, and the other realities of women’s lives.

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Blend empathy and experience

Our team of knowledgeable advisors share a passion for helping women reach their financial goals.

Join us for Women Talk Money live

Our live, monthly Q&A sessions focus on the factors that impact women financially (longevity, the pay gap, career breaks, invisible labor, and more) and how investing can help close the wealth gap.

  • Invest in you: Reframe and reenergize your finances: A month-long October event

    Join Fidelity’s Women Talk Money and special guests Mindy Kaling, Reshma Saujani, and Cate Luzio for a month-long event series that invests in you—focused on helping you reenergize how you think about your goals, earning power, and investing.

Learn how to harness your strengths and get the information you need to help you turn your smart money habits into savvy investing.

The financial realities of being a woman

4 out of 10 people—men and women alike—do not realize that women need to save more for retirement. Life expectancy, the pay gap, health care costs, and career interruptions due to caregiving are all contributing factors.

When Your Life Gets Turned Upside Down article


When your life gets turned upside downLog In Required

Redefining what's considered a "financial emergency."

How to stop feeling guilty about money article


How to stop feeling guilty about moneyLog In Required

3 simple steps to feeling good about your decisions.

When caregiving gets (even more) complicated video


When caregiving gets (even more) complicated

Sometimes the logistics and costs of taking care of others can get more complex than we expect.

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Cost of caregiving calculatorLog In Required

When you care for others, it can cost more than just your salary. Find out what the financial impact might be.


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What happens when women invest?

According to Fidelity research, women often don't invest outside of their retirement plans. Yet when they do it, their returns are better.

Here’s how your money might grow if you invested $25,000 over 5 years in an average market—with a traditional savings account compared to different investing strategies.*

You can invest on your own or have us choose and manage your investments.

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The investment strategies presented here have different fees, guarantees, and risks, and you should carefully consider these prior to investing. Learn how we calculate these estimates.

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