Employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs)

If offered by your company, an ESPP can be a convenient way to purchase shares of your company’s stock through payroll deductions. Owning company stock makes you a shareholder—giving you the ability to profit from any potential increase in your company’s stock price.

Get to know more about ESPPs

Learn more about how they work and become more familiar with some commonly used terms. Be sure to check your company's plan documents to find out what your specific ESPP might offer.


An ESPP overview

See the general steps that occur throughout the lifecycle of an ESPP.

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How ESPPs work

Watch to understand how to enroll, when shares are purchased, and what price you will pay.

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Have an ESPP, but haven't yet enrolled?

If you're eligible and the enrollment window is open, you'll see "Enroll" next to your ESPP's name when you log in to NetBenefits. You will be prompted to open your Stock Plan Account if it isn't already open (it's where your purchased shares are deposited).

Understanding stock compensation taxes

The Global Tax Guide provides information about the tax laws in various countries—including when taxation occurs, your tax-filing responsibilities, and the website of the national tax agency for more help.

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Selling shares (PDF)

Easily sell some of—or all—your shares in your Stock Plan Account.