Jorge Nario is Head of FCAT (Fidelity Center for Applied Technology) at Fidelity Investments. Jorge has been with the Firm since 1993 in a range of emerging technology leadership roles. Jorge currently leads Fidelity’s exploration of blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality, emerging interfaces and other technologies that may impact the way Fidelity’s customers and clients manage and interact with their finances.

Previously, Nario was CIO/CTO for the Fidelity Investments Capital Markets company, and Senior Vice President of Trading Technologies for Fidelity Brokerage, where he provided support for the Capital Markets technology needs, trading technology needs across various channels and companies, for retail and institutional companies and clients.

Nario’s work at Fidelity has included the replacement of the firm’s trading products with a group of cutting-edge systems. He has also led the successful implementation of key systems in Fidelity’s Prime Brokerage, Fixed Income and International Trading areas for both retail and institutional needs.

He was also previously Senior Vice President of Architecture, Order Management, Trading Online systems for the company.

Before joining Fidelity, he held positions at the vice president level with Citigroup, Smith Barney Shearson, and Lehman Brothers.


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