Deanna Laufer


Deanna leads research examining sociocultural trends like the new adulthood, our income mosaic future, and the evolution of trust for FCAT. She enjoys presenting on these topics to audiences and helping them start a conversation about how they will affect Fidelity in the near future.

Before joining Fidelity in 2017, Deanna was a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, where she led the company’s coverage of customer experience strategy and mobile user experience, authoring over two dozen reports and presenting at Forrester’s annual Customer Experience forum. Deanna holds an M.S. in technology and policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering from Cornell University.

By: Matt Ehlers | June 18, 2024
FCAT researcher, Deanna Laufer shares trends around the changing nature of families, and how those changes can impact how people find jobs, develop relationships, and build resiliency.
By: Matt Ehlers | June 18, 2024
FCAT researcher, Deanna Laufer shares trends around the changing nature of families, and how those changes can impact how people find jobs, develop relationships, and build resiliency.
By Deanna Laufer | February 6, 2024
Working multiple jobs is nothing new. To make ends meet, or boost their savings cushion, more than 8 million Americans work extra hours, second jobs, and side hustles. But around 2021, as job availability soared and remote work ruled, the internet became inundated with stories of something new: full-time employees, mostly remote and in engineering roles, secretly working two, three, or sometimes numerous career positions at different companies.
By Deanna Laufer with Caroline Federal | January 25, 2024
Income has been synonymous with employer income for the majority of working-age Americans over the last 100 years. Most adults work for a living, and the vast majority of those who do work for an employer. But that’s changing. Employer income is playing a less dominant role for Americans as they’ve diversified their income sources into a mosaic of ways to earn money.
By: Deanna Laufer | November 20, 2023
In this discussion, Deanna Laufer, VP of Research at FCAT, speaks with Mauro Guillén, author and professor of management at the Wharton School, about the themes in his new book, The Perennials: The Megatrends Creating a Postgenerational Society.
By: Deanna Laufer | November 1, 2023
The US expat community has doubled in the last two decades as Americans have sought a more affordable, and in some cases, better quality of life abroad. The rise in digital nomad visas and remote work could further boost this trend. Yet financial challenges remain largely unsolved for Americans abroad, making it harder for them to invest, save and plan.
BY: Deanna Laufer | May 9, 2023
Writers and artists have donned pen names for hundreds of years. Now, the use of aliases has become commonplace across social media, gaming, and virtual worlds where anyone can explore facets of their identity and express their true selves using pseudonyms. With rapidly advancing avatar technology as well as a continued fear of public scrutiny, pseudonymity will likely further permeate into work, education, and finance where customers and associates will participate as their pseudonymous selves.
BY: Deanna Laufer | March 27, 2023
Families have been the basic unit of social and economic life across cultures, geographies, and nationalities for thousands of years. That started to change in the middle of the 20th century, when a growing number of people started living alone for sustained periods. These solo dwellers, or soloists, include people delaying partnership to later in life, those choosing to remain single and live alone without roommates or family, as well as divorced or widowed adults who reside independently.
BY: Deanna Laufer | February 2, 2023
Gen X are in their peak earning and retirement savings years, yet this “forgotten generation” can be overlooked when it comes to the complexity of their financial needs. There is an opportunity to cut through this complexity with time-saving automation, digitization, and guidance to increase their confidence in achieving their long term goals.
By: DEANNA LAUFER | May 17, 2021
Automation is moving up the value chain, taking on more “human” tasks like financial planning, factory floor management, and home health care. In response, companies need to reevaluate how to build trust in automated systems, considering both their reliability and the human-machine relationship.

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