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Join industry trailblazers, Jason, Ryan, Parth, and Jack, as they decode crypto news, dissect market trends, and explore the future of digital assets to prepare you for what’s next. Skip the surface-level chatter and join them for an in-depth analysis that goes beyond the headlines. Whether you're a seasoned investor, tech enthusiast, or diving deeper into crypto, the FCAT Crypto Brief is your passport to staying informed, entertained, and empowered on the industry's cutting edge.

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Meet the Hosts

Parth Gargava - The Crypto Native

Parth Gargava: where expertise meets enthusiasm. The Crypto Brief may be an audio-only podcast, but Parth’s passion makes it feel like you’re in the room with him. Parth doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk kicking off nearly every episode with a rundown of the new protocol or tool he tried that week.

As a Vice President at Fidelity Labs, Parth leads product and engineering for crypto platforms. In his day to day, he’s hands-on with technologies that may be popular in the next two to three years. With his background in software development, Parth leads many successful projects and teams in the fields of cryptography and blockchain.

When he’s not neck-deep in crypto for Fidelity, he’s teaching others the art of his trade as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University for its course, “Engineering of Advanced Crypto Systems”. Read an interview with Parth here.

Ryan Stuebe – The Inquirer

Ryan has a way of asking the questions that are on everyone’s minds, helping to keep the conversation digestible despite discussing technical topics. Through the podcast, Ryan hopes to increase the understanding and adoption of crypto to help the ecosystem achieve its fullest potential.

Ryan brings his unique background to the table as the Director of Bitcoin Mining where he leads research and development for the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology. This research includes monitoring bitcoin’s network economics, evaluating opportunities for renewable and stranded energy to sustainably power datacenters, and identifying trends that will shape the mining ecosystem in the next 3-5 years. Read an interview with Ryan here.

Jason Ward - The Analogist

Jason is fueled by his unrelenting curiosity, desire to be intellectually challenged and the goal to make progress in the crypto industry. These qualities have led him to his current position as the Head of the Blockchain Incubator for the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology.

Known as the king of analogies, Jason paints a picture that podcasts often lack, thoughtfully explaining the latest news and why it matters.

With his extensive background in traditional finance, you’ll often hear Jason describing interconnectivities between DeFi and TradFi. Jason is also the show’s go-to guy for developments in the regulatory environment. Read an interview with Jason here.

Jack Neureuter - The Analyst

Jack is particularly passionate about digital assets’ role in the alternative investment landscape. With his background in economics, listeners count on Jack to bring his macro PoV to the conversation, providing his take on how changes in TradFi can impact the digital assets space.

As an Associate for the Avon Ventures team, he spends his days researching and speaking with startups across the crypto ecosystem. Previously, Jack was a member of the Fidelity Digital AssetsSM research team, where he spent his days researching, writing and speaking with institutional clients about macroeconomics and the emerging digital asset space. You may also recognize Jack from his appearances on The Investor’s Podcast, Fidelity’s Covering Crypto, Animal Spirit’s podcast, CoinDesk’s First Mover and more.


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