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Bank Account Information
The information shown represents the Bank Information provided by you to Fidelity Stock Plan Services. If you have not established bank wire instructions, Fidelity will mail a check to you in the currency you have designated. Additional fees and charges may apply. To establish cash proceeds distribution instructions Download and complete the Bank Wire form, send forms to:

Fidelity Stock Plan Services
PO Box 5000
Cincinnati, OH 45273-8398

Bank Identifier Code. See SWIFT Code for more information.

See SWIFT Code for more information.

Blackout Period
These are certain times of the year when your company may restrict your privilege to exercise your stock options, or to sell company stock you own. Refer to your stock option plan rules and company policies for more information.

For example, blackout periods often coincide with a company's fiscal year end, dividend schedules, and calendar year end.

BSB Code
A number used to receive Australian Dollars (AUD) during electronic transactions. Typically, a BSB Code contains six digits.