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Transfer Assets

You can transfer assets from another financial institution to your Fidelity Account.

What information do I need to have before I start the transfer process?

Typically, the information on the printed or online statement you receive from your financial institution is all you need to start the transfer process. Before you begin the transfer process, make sure you have a printed or online statement from your financial institution dated within the last 90 days.

What types of transfers can I complete online? What happens if I canít complete my transfer online?

Generally, assets held in a brokerage account are eligible to be transferred online. If your transfer is not one of the types you can complete online, our online tool will assist you with completing an online transfer form you can print, sign, and mail to us.

What kind of assets can I transfer to my Fidelity account?

Generally, cash and most securities may be transferred to a Fidelity account.

To what kinds of Fidelity accounts can I transfer assets from another institution?

You can transfer assets from another institution to most kinds of Fidelity accounts. However, the account you are transferring assets from must be the same type of account to which you are transferring funds. For example, you can transfer assets from a Roth IRA to another Roth IRA with the same owner, but not from a non-retirement account to an IRA.

Do I need to liquidate my assets before I can transfer the proceeds to Fidelity?

Fidelity does not offer the option of liquidating securities held at another brokerage firm. You must either liquidate the securities prior to requesting the transfer to Fidelity, or liquidate them after they are transferred to Fidelity. Transfer requests for securities held outside of a brokerage account, such as mutual funds, CDs, and annuities, can include liquidation instructions. Annuities, futures contracts, private equity, hedge funds, and some limited partnerships cannot be transferred in kind to Fidelity. Call a customer representative to check transfer eligibility.

What types of transfers can I make?

You can make the following types of transfers:

How long does it take to complete my transfer?

Generally, if your transfer is eligible for online submission, it takes from five to seven business days to complete your transfer. If your transfer is not eligible for online submission and you have to mail a form to Fidelity, your request will be submitted to the delivering firm upon receipt. Most firms complete transfer requests within two to three weeks, depending on the types of securities and how quickly the delivering firm transfers your assets. Fidelity cannot accept orders to trade based on your transferred assets until your assets have been delivered to Fidelity.

How will I know when my transfer is complete?

If you provided us with your e-mail address, you will receive a notification via e-mail when your transfer is complete. You can track the status of your transfer online by going to

Is my Investor ID or Customer Number the same as my mutual fund account number?

Your Investor ID or Customer number is not the same as your mutual fund account number. Each mutual fund account number is listed separately on your statement by mutual fund, and must be entered individually.

How does my cost basis information transfer?

If your delivering firm participates in the Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS), your cost basis information will transfer when you complete Fidelity's online transfer submission process. Cost basis data is typically passed within ten days after the transfer. If your cost basis information does not transfer, you can input the information manually on