Electronic Services Customer Agreement
1. Overview
I understand that this Agreement (“Agreement”) between Fidelity and me (Fidelity refers to Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Fidelity Distributors Corporation and National Financial Services LLC as the context may require) states the terms and conditions of my use of Fidelity's Electronic Services. Fidelity's Electronic Services (the “Services”) include Fidelity On-line Xpress+®, Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST®), Fidelity Active Trader ProSM, Fidelity's alerts and wireless trading services and any online securities trading or informational system, Web-based, wireless or otherwise, established by Fidelity directly or through online business partners that Fidelity may make available in the future. The Services make available to me a variety of interactive computer, handheld device and telephone services which generally allow me to access my Fidelity accounts, enter orders to buy and sell certain securities, and obtain quotations and other information via electronic transmission.

I agree to use the Services only in accordance with this Agreement.
2. Responsibilities of User; Scope of Use
I shall be the only authorized user of the Services under this Agreement and shall only use the Services for my personal, non-commercial purposes. I agree not to re-disseminate any information obtained under this agreement in any manner to third parties without the express written consent of Fidelity. I shall be responsible for the confidentiality and use of my password(s) and other security data, methods and devices. I understand that I shall be solely responsible for all orders electronically transmitted, or use of any data, information, or services obtained, using my passwords and other security data. I accept full responsibility for the monitoring of my account. I agree that Fidelity shall not be under a duty to inquire as to the authority or propriety of any instructions given to Fidelity by me or via my Personal Identification Number (“PIN”), and shall be entitled to act upon any such instructions; and Fidelity will not be liable for any loss, cost, expense or other liability arising out of any such instructions. I agree that the Services are the proprietary property of Fidelity and/or third parties from which Fidelity has obtained rights.

I understand that I must use caution when placing market orders because the price of securities may change sharply during the trading day or after-hours and that if I have limited assets to pay a transaction, such as in a retirement account with contribution restrictions, I should consider placing a limit order. In addition, I understand and agree that if I cannot pay for a transaction, Fidelity may liquidate account assets at my risk. Also, I understand that during periods of heavy trading or volatility, the quotes provided as "real time" may not reflect current market prices or quotes. In addition, when quotes are rapidly changing, each quote update may not be reported to me.

I represent and agree that the following statements are and will continue to be true for so long as I have access to the Services: (a) I will not use any information or market data provided by a national securities exchange or association in connection with any professional or commercial activities, and I agree to notify you if I intend to do so and to pay any additional charges in connection therewith; and (b) I will not use the Services in conjunction with any business as a broker- dealer, investment advisor, futures commission merchant, commodities introducing broker, or commodity trading advisor, member of a securities exchange or association or futures contract market, or an owner, partner or associated person of any of the foregoing; and (c) If I am employed by a bank or insurance company or an affiliate of either I will not perform functions related to securities or commodity futures trading activity, except with respect to my personal account(s) with Fidelity.
3. User Consent
I recognize that my use of the Services may involve the transmission to me of information that may be considered personal financial information, including but not limited to the identity and number of shares that I trade and the net dollar price for the shares. I consent to the transmission by electronic means of such information through the Services; such consent shall be effective at all times that I use the Services.

If I use a Service, I agree and consent to receive Fidelity's privacy notices or policies electronically, and to such end Fidelity and its affiliates may post privacy notices or policies on its Web sites. I understand that telephone calls to Fidelity may be monitored or recorded, and hereby consent to such monitoring or recording.
4. Error Notification
I understand that all trade orders placed through the Services are at my sole risk and responsibility. I further understand I must notify Fidelity of the existence of certain circumstances relating to my use of the Services. Specifically, I agree that any trade orders given by me and any information furnished to me by use of the Services shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. If an order has been placed through the Services and I have not received a reference number reflecting the order, I shall immediately notify Fidelity.
  2. If an order has been placed through the Services and I have not received an accurate written confirmation of the order or of its execution within five (5) business days, I shall immediately notify Fidelity.
  3. If I have received confirmation of an order that I did not place or any similar conflicting report, I shall immediately notify Fidelity.
  4. If there is a discrepancy in the account balance, security positions or order status reported to me by Fidelity I shall immediately notify Fidelity.
  5. If there is any other type of discrepancy or suspicious or unexplained occurrence relating to the Services or my account I shall immediately notify Fidelity.
  6. All notifications to Fidelity pertaining to this Agreement shall be directed to:

    Fidelity Investments
    Priority Services Retail Correspondence T2J
    PO Box 500
    Merrimack, NH 03054-9894
    or by calling 1-800-544-6666
  7. I shall immediately notify Fidelity if my PIN and/or Access Device I use with the Services is lost or stolen or if there is unauthorized use of my PIN.
If I fail to notify Fidelity when any of the above conditions (a) - (f) occur (and in any event if the above condition (g) occurs), neither Fidelity nor any of its employees, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, control persons, or its parent, nor any third parties, can or will have any responsibility or liability to me or to any other person whose claim may arise through me for any claims with respect to the handling, mishandling, or loss of any order or information. Notwithstanding my notification to Fidelity, Fidelity shall not be liable for any Losses related to the Services except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. I understand that Fidelity shall not be deemed to have received any order electronically transmitted by me until Fidelity has acknowledged to me that the order has been received by Fidelity. I accept full responsibility for the monitoring of my account.
5. Limitation of Liability & Disclaimer of Warranties
Any liability arising out of the Services for which Fidelity is determined to be responsible shall be limited to an amount equal to the benefit which would have resulted from the transaction during the time periods in which I should have acted, as specified in Section 4 of this agreement.

Additionally, I understand that Fidelity will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or use of any information received by it or received by me through the Services and that Fidelity does not make any warranty concerning such information. I understand that all orders placed through the Services are at my sole risk and responsibility. I agree that neither Fidelity nor any third party working with Fidelity to provide services hereunder shall be responsible for any damages caused by communications line failure, unauthorized access, theft, systems failure, and other occurrences beyond its reasonable control. I agree to provide all telephone and other equipment to access the Services and I will be solely responsible for paying all charges related thereto.

6. Commission Policy & Other Charges
Commission discounts may be available to Fidelity Brokerage accounts which utilize the Services. However, such discounts will not apply to any transactions which for any reason cannot be placed and executed through the Services.

I agree to be liable for any and all fees, charges or expenses that Fidelity may charge or I may incur in connection with the use of the Services by me or any other person through use of my security codes, equipment, or otherwise, if any. I understand that the rates, fees, billing and terms governing services provided by Access Device vendors or Providers may be determined solely by such third party. I understand and acknowledge that Fidelity is not delivering telecommunication, Internet, paging services or any other means of electronic access and that I am responsible for maintaining appropriate contracts with third parties to obtain such services. I agree to obtain access to and be solely liable for all payments related to all equipment and Access Devices necessary to access the Services. I further understand that my ability to make use of the Services may be limited by technical or other limitations present in the equipment and Access Devices I use to access the Services.
7. Market Data
I understand that each participating national securities exchange or association asserts a proprietary interest in all of the market data (including without limitation real-time quotes) it furnishes to the parties that disseminate the data. I also understand that neither Fidelity nor any participating national securities exchange or association nor any supplier of market data guarantees the timeliness, sequence, accuracy, or completeness of market data or any other market information, or messages disseminated by any party. Fidelity shall not be liable in any way, and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fidelity from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, losses, damages, liability, or costs, charges, counsel fees, and expenses of any nature ("Losses") arising from or occasioned by (a) any inaccuracy, error, or delay in, or omission of, (i) any such data, information, or message or (ii) the transmission or delivery of any such data, information, or message, or (b) any Losses arising from or occasioned by (i) any such inaccuracy, error, delay, or omission, (ii) nonperformance, or (iii) interruption of any such data, information, or message, due either to any act or omission by Fidelity or any other disseminating party or to any "force majeure" (i.e., flood, extraordinary weather conditions, earthquake, or other act of God, fire, war, insurrection, riot, labor dispute, accident, action of government, communications, or power failure, equipment or software malfunction) or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of any disseminating party. I understand that the terms of this Agreement may be enforced directly against me by the national securities exchanges and associations providing market data to me

Fidelity reserves the right to limit the number of free real-time quotes, including those provided through the Services.
8. Incorporation of Other Fidelity Agreements
I understand that my use of the Fidelity On-line Xpress+® software is subject to the terms of a license agreement contained with the software, and that my use of Fidelity online Services may be subject to license or usage terms posted online by Fidelity. I agree to be bound by the terms of such license agreements, including without limitation the prohibitions on distribution and copying, the exclusion of all representations and warranties, and the limitation of remedies to the replacement of defective disks.

I understand that all the terms and conditions which govern the account(s) at Fidelity which I access via the Services (including without limitation, the Fidelity Brokerage Customer Agreement, Margin Agreement, Options Agreement, Fidelity Brokerage Retirement Account Customer Agreement, and/or applicable mutual fund prospectus(es)) are incorporated herein by reference. In addition, I understand that trading in my account is subject to Fidelity's trading policies and limitations that are in effect and subject to change from time to time.
9. Security
To the extent that any Services use Internet, wireless or related electronic or telephonic services to transport data or communications, Fidelity will take reasonable security precautions, but Fidelity disclaims any liability for interception of any such data or communications. Fidelity shall not be responsible for, and makes no warranties regarding, the access, speed or availability of such services.
10. Modification & Termination
I agree that Fidelity may modify, change, or discontinue the Services in whole or in part, at any time. I agree that Fidelity may immediately terminate its provision of the Services to me if I breach this Agreement, if I have jeopardized the proper and efficient operation of the Services, or if I engage in activity which is contrary to Fidelity's policies. Any unauthorized use of the Services, whatsoever, shall result in automatic termination of this Agreement.

Any modification, change or notification of termination will be made by Fidelity in writing. Fidelity may send such written communication by mail or electronic means.
11. Choice of Law
I acknowledge that this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Fidelity and me with respect to its subject matter. This Agreement and its enforcement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, except with respect to conflicts of law, and shall inure to the benefit of Fidelity's successors and assigns, whether by merger, consolidation, or otherwise. If a court of competent jurisdiction shall deem any provision unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.