Fidelity® Wealth Management

Planning for the possibilities

Let's talk about where you want to be and how you want to get there. About those who matter to you. And about how a relationship with a dedicated Fidelity advisor can help bring your plans to their full potential. It all starts with a conversation.

The value of confidence

Wealth management goes beyond building wealth. It's designed to help give you the confidence that you’re accounting for both the short- and long-term. And that when the world shifts, you've got a team ready to help you adapt to changes and rise to challenges.

Collaborate with an advisor

Your dedicated Fidelity advisor1 can help you build your plan around your story, working to eliminate complexity, prioritizing what matters, and providing insight into your full financial picture.

Tom Boardman

Fidelity advisor spotlight

"My primary responsibility is to understand each individual's wishes, what motivates them, and who is important to them. These components are the foundation for helping clients and their families make well-informed decisions about their financial lives."

Tom Boardman
Wealth Planner

Identify opportunities

The wealth plan you build with your advisor is a dynamic framework created to help you grow, protect, and share your wealth. More than a static document, this is a comprehensive approach designed to help you reach your goals and meet your evolving needs.

Pamela Pirone-Benson

Advanced Planner spotlight

"When building a financial plan, some clients don't know what to expect. We believe it's so much broader than the investments you own. It's about the creating a roadmap around your goals and your vision for the future—your legacy, how you’re going to build on what you’ve achieved, what your retirement could look like."

Pamela Pirone-Benson
VP, Advanced Planning

Build a holistic approach

As part of our advisory offering, we can help build investment solutions around your long-term vision and comfort with risk. We're able to account for all your household's assets, while continually searching for opportunities to help reduce what you pay in taxes2 and providing access to the collective talents of a global team of analysts, researchers, and portfolio strategists.

Christopher Fusé

Portfolio Manager spotlight

"When making investment decisions for managed account clients we start by focusing on risk management but also look at a range of other factors—including length of time a position's been held, the original cost, client's tax rate, a security's upcoming distributions—all in an attempt to help clients keep more of what they earn."

Christopher Fusé
Portfolio Manager, Strategic Advisors.

Taking the first step with Fidelity Wealth Management

Here's some of what we’ll cover during your first conversation.

Identify goals for you and your family

Understand your comfort with risk

Establish how you want to collaborate

Fresh thinking, delivered weekly

Insights from Fidelity Wealth ManagementSM provides the latest perspective on the economy, the markets, and how they may be impacting your plan.

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