Prepare for all kinds of markets

Markets have reminded investors that ups—and downs—are normal parts of investing. With 2 corrections in the past year, the high return, relatively steady environment that dominated much of the bull market may seem like a distant memory. But markets change and investors need to be prepared.

Markets change—be ready

  • US stocks are in the 10th year of a bull market, one of the longest continuous upswings on record.
  • Markets have become more volatile recently, as investors face slowing earnings growth and policy risks.
  • In good markets and bad, it's important to have a plan, review your portfolio, and rebalance to get on track.

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It may be time to check in

We think a good investment strategy starts with an asset mix based on your goals, timeline, financial situation, and feelings about risk. But over time, rising markets can change your mix and add risk to your portfolio. Don't let the market shape your portfolio. Take control.

Markets reshape portfolios

Without rebalancing, Portfolio A, with 50% US stocks in 2009, might be closer to 70% in 2018.*


More stocks mean more risk

The amount of stocks in your portfolio matters. 

Consider what would have happened to the hypothetical portfolios A and B in 2008, when the S&P 500® Index lost 38%.

Portfolio A would have lost about 29%. Portfolio B, with almost 70% stocks, would have lost more than 37%.

If your portfolio has changed over time, you may want to revisit it, so you are in line with your plan.

Be prepared

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