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Markets: Prepping for volatility

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  • Monetary policy and political concerns have made investors nervous.
  • Earnings have been shrinking in much of the market.
  • Conditions may favor durable growth, defensive sectors, low volatility stocks, and maintaining bonds in a portfolio.

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Stocks: Where to find growth

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  • Stocks and sectors that depend on economic recovery may struggle.
  • Innovative companies who can make their own breaks may fare better.
  • Consider consumer discretionary and tech.

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Income: Strategies for today's climate

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  • The pace of rate hikes may be slower and have a lower ceiling than previous rounds of tightening.
  • Negative rates abroad may create demand for U.S. dollar denominated securities.
  • Investors may want to look at short-duration corporate bonds.

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Sectors: Big moves to watch

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  • The defensive sectors may be best positioned for an earnings recession.
  • Despite the recent rally, oil prices may face headwinds.
  • The biotech industry may be oversold.

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Q&A: Expert answers

QA: Expert answers
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  • Bond liquidity: Why transaction costs may be higher.
  • Commodities: There may be a long period of headwinds, now that China’s growth has slowed.
  • Stock factors: Quality stocks may trump momentum names, mid-cap stocks may be less volatile than large caps.

Brexit: After the vote

Brexit: After the vote
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  • Expect a prolonged period of uncertainty as the political process unfolds.
  • The vote raises questions about the membership of other countries in the European Union.
  • Investors should think long-term, but expect volatility in currencies and stocks.

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Full broadcast: Inside/Out June 22

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  • Markets: Prep for volatility
  • Stocks: Where to find growth
  • Income: Strategies for rising rates
  • Sectors: Big moves to watch

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John Sweeney
Executive Vice President, Retirement & Investing Strategies, Fidelity Investments



BillBowerBill Bower
Portfolio Manager
Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Diversified International Fund (FDIVX)

DeniseChisholmDenise Chisholm
Sector Strategist
Fidelity Investments

HeidiRichardson Heidi Richardson
Managing Director,
Head of Investment Strategy for U.S. iShares

JeromeSchneiderJerome Schneider
Managing Director,
Portfolio Manager

PIMCO Short Term Fund (PSHAX) and PIMCO Short Asset Investment Fund (PAIAX).

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