Active Trader

Short interest rates

Open and short

Short interest can help assess a stock’s sentiment; open interest, an option’s volatility.

Fund flows

Brexit tilted fund flows toward defensive investments during the second quarter.

How to use RSI

The relative strength index can help identify when a stock or index is over or underpriced.

Penny stocks

Buying shares of small companies that you don’t have much information on can be perilous.

Idea Generation

A case for bond ETFs

If you’re looking for income and diversification and also like exchange-traded funds, consider bond ETFs.

ETF ideas for this market

Fidelity’s most popular and featured ETF screens offer up potential ideas for different types of investors.

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Technical Analysis

Dow days of summer

Dow Theory can help you decide when market moves may have staying power.

Chart tips

If you like to use charts, consider the time frame, the type of chart, and a benchmark.

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Trading Strategy

5 trading tips

For shorter-term investors, big price moves can present both risks and opportunities.

Trading earnings

A few strategies you can use to trade stocks around earnings announcements.

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