Michael Pollock 

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Serving 16 branches in the San Francisco Bay area
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Focus areas

  • Investing strategies
  • Stock selection
  • Risk management
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Options strategies
  • Market mechanics

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Michael Pollock is a Regional Brokerage Consultant in the San Francisco Bay area who supports Fidelity Financial Consultants and their self-directed clients. Michael helps clients better understand investing strategies and how to leverage Fidelity’s trading and research tools so they can make more informed decisions. He typically meets with clients 1:1, either in-person or virtually to discuss various investing topics, including stock selection, risk management, entry and exit strategy, fundamental and technical analysis, option strategies, market mechanics, and trading platforms.

Michael has spent his entire career with self-directed clients. In 2000, he started at Charles Schwab/CyberTrader in platinum trading, trading analytics, and active trader sales. He joined Fidelity in 2003 as part of Active Trader Services and then moved to his current role as Regional Brokerage Consultant in 2011.

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Serving 16 branches in the San Francisco Bay area
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