Welcome to the New Watch List

We're making monthly improvements to how you monitor your securities. This guide highlights what's changed, with tips on how to unlock the full potential of the improved experience.

Watch List

Resize Data Columns

Adjust the size of columns to make room for data that’s relevant to you.resize-columns

Click and Drag: Place your cursor on the edge of a column header. When the point becomes a double-headed arrow, drag it to adjust the column size.

Double-Click: Place your cursor on the edge of a column header. When the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, double-click the column. The column will automatically adjust to fit the widest possible entry.


Rearrange Data Columns

Move columns around by dragging and dropping them to suit your needs. This saves you time by not having to scroll to see certain data.

Click and Drag: Place your cursor on a column header, click, then drag the column to its new spot.


Add or Remove Data Columns

Customize your watch list to include only the data you want by adding or removing columns. We have over 50 data columns to choose from.

Go to Settings: In the upper right of the page, select Settings. In the Layout section, there is a list on the left showing all the data you can add. The list on the right represents the data that will be displayed in your watch list. Select a data column using the checkboxes, then click the arrows to Add or Remove them. You can also drag and drop within the list on the right to reorder the column layout that will be displayed in your watch list.


Delete a Symbol

Easily remove a symbol from your watch list.

Symbol Menu: To the right of the symbol is a dropdown arrow. Select Remove Symbol inside the menu to delete it from your watch list. To delete a watch list you have open, click on the Manage menu and select Delete Watch List.

Note: Symbols in the Recently Viewed list or Accounts lists cannot be removed or reordered.


Add Multiple Symbols

Save time by adding up to 50 symbols at once to your watch list.

Manage Menu: Find the Manage menu and select Add Symbols from the dropdown. Start typing a symbol and press enter. When you’re done, select Add to Watch List.


Enter Quantity/Purchase Price

As a best practice, enter a price and quantity (number of shares) so you can track performance from the moment you start following a security.

Edit Watch List: Find the Manage menu and select Edit Watch List from the dropdown. Click on the blank space, enter a value, and hit enter again to lock in that number.


Prefill a Trade Ticket

Initiate a trade and see quote details directly from your watch list.

Hover and Click: Under the Bid and Ask column, hover over a price to see a pop-up that will say either Buy or Sell. Select the action you wish to take and the docked trade ticket will automatically appear prefilled along with quote details. You can also initiate a trade from the menu next to a particular symbol.

Note: When looking at an account list the trade ticket will be prefilled with that account. If a watch list is open, the account field will be populated with the default account you set or will be left blank.


Read News

Find out the latest news about the securities in your watch list.

Hover and Click: Find the News column. Hover over the timestamps to get a summary of the last coverage for that security. Get the full story in a separate window by clicking on the time. To get a full list of all news for a security, select News located in the symbol dropdown menu.


Increase/Decrease Font Size

Adjust the font size for a more comfortable experience.

Browser Zoom: Make the font size smaller or larger by using your browser zoom while still keeping the spacing the same.

  • Chrome: Choose View, Zoom In/Zoom Out.
  • Safari: Choose View, Zoom In/Zoom Out.
  • Firefox: Choose View, Zoom, then Zoom In or Zoom Out.
  • Internet Explorer: Choose Page, Zoom, then Zoom In or Zoom Out.


Edit a Watch List

Reorder, delete, or add symbols to an existing watch list by using the edit mode.

Manage Menu: Find the Manage menu and select Edit Watch List from the dropdown. While in this mode you can remove symbols, add new ones, or use the arrows to reorder how they appear. When finished, apply your changes by selecting Save.

Note: Entire watch lists cannot be deleted from this edit mode and symbols in Recently Viewed or Accounts lists cannot be reordered or removed.


Sort by Specific Data

Sort your watch list by specific data in ascending or descending order.

Click on Column Headers: Click on a column header once to sort the data in ascending order. Click again, to sort in descending. Click a third time to return back to the default order.


Get Quick Quotes

Looking for a quick quote for a security you don’t own or aren’t following? Get quick access to expanded quote details directly in the watch list.

Search in the Docked Trade Ticket: In the symbol search box, enter a symbol to get quote details. Then, select More Quote Info to expand the section for additional information.