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Active Trader Pro PlatformsSM FAQs: ActiveTraderPro.com®

  • What is ActiveTraderPro.com®?

    ActiveTraderPro.com® is our powerful, web-based platform that offers enhanced trading, portfolio, and decision-making tools and a similar user experience as our Active Trader Pro® next generation desktop platform. Access ActiveTraderPro.com® on either a PC or a Mac at www.activetraderpro.com  login required or by selecting the banner on your Portfolio Summary.  lock_green

  • Why would I use ActiveTraderPro.com® instead of the desktop platform?

    ActiveTraderPro.com® has a consistent feature offering and user experience as our desktop platform and is ideal for those who want the mobility that web-based technology provides and those who are not able or prefer not to download a desktop platform.

    Note: If you require data intensive layouts (such as those with multiple charts, option chains, etc), we recommend using the desktop platform, which can provide additional computing power.

  • What if I am experiencing trouble logging in or launching ActiveTraderPro.com®?

    If you experience any trouble launching ActiveTraderPro.com®, please clear your browser cache.

    To clear your cache in Internet Explorer:

    • Select the Tools menu
    • Select Internet Options
    • On the General tab, select the Delete option located in the Browsing History section
    • Leave only the Temporary Internet Files box checked and select Delete
    • Be sure to uncheck the Preserve Favorites Website Data option

    To clear your cache in Firefox:

    • Select the Firefox menu
    • Select History
    • Select Clear Recent History
    • Choose a time range of "everything" and leave only the Cache box checked
    • Select Clear Now

    If you continue to have technical issues, please contact us at 800-544-7595.

  • Is ActiveTraderPro.com compatible with Safari 7, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox 26?

    Yes; however, these updated browser versions do not automatically enable plug-ins, such as Microsoft Silverlight, that are required for ActiveTraderPro.com to run.

    These browser versions come with a security mechanism that tightly controls access to computer memory and operating system resources for unknown or untrusted websites. If you trust the website you are on (i.e., ActiveTraderPro.com and Fidelity.com), you can safely allow plug-ins to function.

    Below are instructions for changing automatic browser settings in these browsers so that ActiveTraderPro.com will run.

    Safari 7:

    1. Open Fidelity.com in Safari.
    2. In the top left of your desktop next to Apple icon, click Safari.
    3. Under Safari, select Preferences.
    4. Select Security.
    5. Click on Manage Website Settings.
    6. Click on Silverlight in the list of available plug-ins.
    7. Next to When visiting other websites, click Run in Unsafe Mode (this will give Silverlight unrestricted access to computer resources).
    8. Click Done. You can now run ActiveTraderPro.com.

    Internet Explorer 11:

    1. Login to Fidelity.com in Internet Explorer 11.
    2. Launch ActiveTraderPro.com.
    3. Click Always ignore in the dialog box that appears. ActiveTraderPro.com will now load.

    Firefox 26:

    1. Login to Fidelity.com in Firefox.
    2. Launch ActiveTraderPro.com.
    3. A new window will open; click on the Lego Icon in the top left corner of the address bar.
    4. Select Allow and Remember in the dialog box that appears. ActiveTraderPro.com will load.


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