Active Trader Events

Take your trading to the next level at upcoming trade shows and summits, or at your local Fidelity branch.

Live webinars

Attend a free webinar to gain valuable insights—right from your desk.

Active Trader Pro's® Next Generation Platform
Learn the benefits of the next generation Active Trader Pro® advanced trading program.

Branch seminars

Attend a free trading seminar to help you become a smarter trader. Fidelity Investor Centers frequently host seminars on a broad range of topics, and many are geared specifically toward Active Traders.

The Next Generation of Active Trader Pro PlatformsSM
Make the most of Active Trader Pro® and learn about the robust features of our next generation platforms.

Navigating and Conducting Options Research on
Learn how to use options research tools to generate and validate trading ideas.

Understanding Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Get started* with the basics of exchange-traded funds and learn how to compare ETFs effectively, and use ETF research tools on

Fidelity's Trading Advantage
Learn more about our in-depth research and comprehensive suite of trading tools—both online and for your desktop.

Searching for Stock Ideas on
Learn how to use independent research, expert screening strategies, and analyst track records to do your own advanced stock screening.

Basic Options Strategies
Get started with basic options concepts, and learn more about commonly used strategies such as buying options, covered-call writing, protective puts, and cash-secured puts.

Technical Analysis: The Building Blocks
Learn the basics of price behavior, trends trading procedure, fundamentals of chart analysis, and breakouts.

Technical Analysis: The Trend is Your Friend
Discover the strategy to trend identification, trend line structure, implications for price behavior, and the use of moving averages, bands, envelopes, channels and the Directional Movement Indicator.

Technical Analysis: Identifying Chart Patterns
Learn how to define and use charts and chart patterns. The seminar will cover specific examples of the most important patterns in bar and candlestick charts, short-term patterns, and the best patterns from profitability studies.

Technical Analysis: Gaining Confirmation and Managing Risk
Learn about confirmation methods using indicators and oscillators, indexes, volume, risk control including protective and trailing stops, price targets, and position sizing with a summary of basic trading rules.

Fidelity's Advanced Trading Tools
Get the most out of Active Trader Pro® with customized layouts, advanced market data, directed trading, and more.

Strategy Testing With Wealth-Lab Pro®
Learn how to design, build, test, and execute customized trading strategies with drag-and-drop ease.