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Tax Statement Guides

Have questions about your Fidelity tax statement? These guides can provide additional information and line-item explanations that you may find useful as you complete your tax returns.

Guides by Account

Individual nonretirement accounts
Fidelity produces consolidated statements (combining several IRS forms) for our brokerage and other nonretirement account holders for reference in preparing your tax returns.

Form 1099 guide for brokerage accounts

Form 1099 guide for mutual fund accounts

Corporate nonretirement accounts
Since corporations are generally exempt from 1099 reporting, Fidelity issues informational tax reporting statements, which may be useful for completing corporate tax returns. In addition, S-Corporations may receive limited 1099-B reporting.

Informational tax reporting statement guide for corporate brokerage accounts

Informational tax reporting statement guide for corporate mutual fund accounts

Retirement accounts
Retirement account tax statements detail your contribution, distribution, conversion, holdings, and beneficiary information.

Form 5498 guide for IRA contributions

Form 1099-R guide for retirement account distributions

If you received distributions from your annuity, this guide may help you report them on your income tax returns. You may receive more than one Form 1099-R since Fidelity is required to submit a separate 1099-R for each annuity and distribution code.

Form 1099-R guide for annuity distribution information (PDF)

Health savings accounts (HSAs)
If you have a Fidelity HSA, these guides may help you report contributions and distributions on your income tax returns.

Form 1099-SA guide for health savings account distributions (PDF)

Form 5498-SA guide for health savings account contributions (PDF)

Small-business retirement plan accounts
For small-business and self-employed plans. Fidelity’s Annual Valuation Statements provide plan-level and participant-level information—such as contributions, distributions, and earnings— which can be useful for Form 5500 filing.

Guide for defined contribution plan accounts—help filling out your Form 5500-EZ or 5500-SF

Guide for defined benefit plan accounts—help filling out your Form 5500-EZ or 5500-SF

For help completing your IRS Form 1040, Schedule D

Form 1040, Schedule D guide for capital gains and losses 
This resource may be helpful as you complete Form 8949 and/or Form 1040, Schedule D, used to report your capital gains and losses on your tax returns.

For holders of certain mortgage pool securities

Supplemental mortgage pool statement guide (PDF) 
This guide describes the additional information Fidelity provides in your supplemental mortgage pool statement, which is sent to holders of certain mortgage pool securities such as Ginnie Maes, Freddie Macs, and Fannie Maes.

For holders of royalty trusts

Additional tax information from your royalty trust
If you own units in a royalty trust, you can access additional, trust-provided tax information. Note: The additional tax information for 2015 is not yet available. Please check back for updates. We'll be posting the forms online as we receive them from the royalty trusts.

Additional resources

Fidelity does not provide legal or tax advice. The information herein is general in nature and should not be considered legal or tax advice. Consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific situation.