Policies and procedures

RFX Communication Policy

Your participation in an e|SOURCING event is appreciated by Fidelity Investments. Please be advised that because on-line events are competitive, Fidelity has established stringent communication guidelines.

Upon event initiation, and until formally notified by the Fidelity event coordinator, participating suppliers must channel any and all communication related to the event through the e|SOURCING Q&A Board. Under some circumstances, direct communication with Fidelity staff designated as event Team Members with permission to answer Q&A Board questions may also occur. Communication about this event with any other Fidelity employee or Fidelity consultant, while the competitive and decision making process remains active, may result in immediate disqualification.

Incumbent suppliers with operational obligations to communicate with Fidelity staff can and should continue to do so. However, discussion of this specific e|SOURCING event is expressly prohibited.

Tax forms

Fidelity must have a completed W-9 form on file for all suppliers. If necessary, a buyer from Fidelity will contact you to request one. You can obtain the latest W-9 tax forms from the IRS web site.

Supplier invoice procedures

Purchase order invoices

Invoices for goods and/or services authorized by a requisition must include a Fidelity purchase order number and must be invoiced directly to Accounts Payable to one of the following email addresses.

Non-purchase order invoices

Invoices for goods and/or services not authorized by a requisition and that do not reference a Fidelity purchase order number should be sent directly by the vendor to Accounts Payable via email to US Operating Units at FidelityInvestmentsInvoices@fmr.com.

All non-PO invoices must include the Name and FMR e-mail address of the Requestor of goods and services on the invoice.

Payment terms

Payment shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on the purchase order if any. Payment terms are net 45 if not otherwise agreed to by the parties.

Enable electronic payment

Complete the Electronic Fund Transfer ("EFT") Payment Authorization form (PDF)

Invoice payment date

The actual payment date is calculated from the date that a conforming (e.g., in good order) invoice is received by Accounts Payable and goods accepted or services rendered satisfactorily. Payment shall not constitute Fidelity's s acceptance of defective goods or unsatisfactory services.

Important details for email submission of invoices:

  • All invoices must include a PO number and Fidelity email address of the individual who requested the goods/services.
  • Black and White images are preferred over color images due to size limitations.
  • PDF documents are preferred; however you may submit MS Office Excel and Word documents.
  • Multiple attachments may be sent per email; each attachment will be rendered as an individual invoice. (The total file size limit for each e-mail is 10MB)
  • If you have multiple documents in support of one invoice, send only the one document that will be displayed as the primary image (summary invoice page).
  • Please do not attach any non-invoice content when sending an invoice attachment.
  • Comments in the email body will be appended to the invoice image. If there are multiple attachments sent with an email, the body of the email will be appended to each invoice image.

Special characters such as "#" and "-" will not be used as part of the invoice number.

Non-conforming invoices will be returned unprocessed to the supplier to be corrected and resubmitted.