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Open and Maintain a 529 Plan Account

Learn about opening your account, and get a sense of the things you can do to monitor and maintain your savings over time.

Open a 529 plan account

How can you open an account?

  1. Open a Fidelity-managed 529 plan account online.
  2. Download an enrollment kit, available for each of the Fidelity-managed 529 Plans:
  3. Call 800-544-1914 to request an application and fact kit.

What information will you need?

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your beneficiary's date of birth and Social Security number
  • Bank account and routing information (if you're ready to deposit funds)

How can you fund your account?

  1. Contribute an initial investment (as little as $50), or
  2. Establish periodic contributions from your bank account or Fidelity nonretirement account (as little as $15 a month).

Maintain your account

What can you do?

Over the life of the account, you may want to:

  • Monitor plan performance.
  • Make an additional one-time contribution or set up automatic contributions.
  • Change your future allocations.
  • Change to a different investment portfolio (allowable once per year).
  • Change the beneficiary to a family member of the original beneficiary.*


Call a college savings representative.

* For 529 accounts only, the new beneficiary must have one of the following relationships to the original beneficiary: 1) a son or daughter; 2) stepson or stepdaughter; 3) brother, sister, stepbrother, or stepsister; 4) father or mother or an ancestor of either; 5) stepfather or stepmother; 6) first cousin; 7) son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law or; 8) son or daughter of a brother or sister. The spouse of a family member (except a first cousin's spouse) is also considered a family member. However, if the new beneficiary is a member of a younger generation than the previous beneficiary, a federal generation-skipping tax may apply. The tax will apply in the year in which the money is distributed from an account.

The UNIQUE College Investing Plan, U.Fund College Investing Plan, Delaware College Investment Plan, and Fidelity Arizona College Savings Plan are offered by the State of New Hampshire, MEFA, the State of Delaware and the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education, respectively, and managed by Fidelity Investments.

If you or the designated beneficiary is not a New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, or Arizona resident, you may want to consider, before investing, whether your state or the designated beneficiary's home state offers its residents a plan with alternate state tax advantages or other benefits.

Units of the Portfolios are municipal securities and may be subject to market volatility and fluctuation.

Please carefully consider the Plan's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing.  For this and other information on any 529 College Savings Plan managed by Fidelity, contact Fidelity for a free Fact Kit, or view online.  Read it carefully before you invest or send money.