Retirement checklist: 2–5 years from retirement

To-do Questions to ask Action plan
Build your retirement income strategy Will my Social Security, pensions, and other guaranteed income sources cover my essential expenses in retirement and enable me to maintain my current lifestyle?

What discretionary expenses do I plan to have?

How much can I afford to withdraw from my retirement savings accounts each month?
Know where money is coming in, and where it's going out

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Visit the Planning and Guidance Center to start building your retirement income plan
Take full inventory of your benefits Do I have any nonqualified deferred compensation, stock options, or other benefits that I need to tap into as I retire? Check with your HR/Benefits office to make a list of all your benefits

Find out how to maximize all your employer has to offer

Read the 3-part series on non-qualified deferred compensation
Know your health care coverage options What health care coverage options will be available to me if I retire younger than age 65—or when I enroll in Medicare at 65?

Does my employer offer a health savings account (HSA) and can it work for me?
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Read 3 healthy habits for HSAs
Review your insurance coverage Have I done a periodic review of my life insurance, disability, and long-term care insurance policies? Consider long-term care insurance for financial support
Determine if you need a bridge strategy How will I bridge any gaps in income and health care coverage between my retirement date and claiming Social Security and enrolling in Medicare?
Read Your bridge to Medicare
Address any concerns about running out of money later in retirement Do I find the idea of guaranteed lifetime income appealing?

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Develop a real estate strategy Do I want to downsize or relocate in retirement? Read 4 questions to ask before you pay off your mortgage

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