Building Wealth: Structure Your Portfolio

Make sure your portfolio is on target

When saving for multiple goals, you may want to evaluate how your portfolio aligns with your expanding savings needs. Is your asset allocation in line with your time horizon and risk tolerance, and diversified based on your current situation? As your savings needs change, so will your target asset allocation—don’t forget to reevaluate your portfolio regularly.

Invest with our help

Once you determine the right asset allocation for you based on your goals and time horizon, it's time to select the investments that may help complete your portfolio.

  • Choose a fund that provides diversification and expert fund management with a single investment. Or let us invest and professionally manage your portfolio for you with our Managed Accounts.
  • Whether you are considering a mid-cap value or a high yield bond fund, our Fund Picks From Fidelity® will help you narrow down your choices based on rigorous selection criteria.
  • Take advantage of free independent research, powerful screening and analysis tools, and get investment education to find the right investments for you.

Next step

Investing Basics
Start building your foundation of investing knowledge to help you construct a portfolio that fits your goals.