Starting Out: Learn the Basics of Investing

Learn how to choose the right investments

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated, and there are ways to invest that can make it even easier for you. In addition to investing regularly, just learn some basic concepts and you’ll be on your way to a sound investment strategy.

Fidelity believes you should consider:

Choosing a mix of different investments.
Limit risk through asset allocation.*

Spreading your money out among investment types.
For example, buy the stock of many companies instead of one—mutual funds offer a simple way to diversify.

Making adjustments to your investments at least once a year.
Gains and losses can cause your asset allocation to shift, so rebalancing is important.

Using mutual funds as an easy way to invest.
Some funds, called lifecycle funds, use a diversified asset allocation strategy that becomes more conservative over time.

Making regular, automatic investments.
Keep your money working for you by scheduling regular transfers from your bank account to your investments.

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