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Global Markets Overview

Explore investment opportunities in hundreds of unique markets around the globe from one central hub: the Global Markets Overview page. From here, you’ll find global investing a world simpler, allowing you to: quickly see map or table views of today’s equity performance in markets around the world, understand which global markets are currently open for trading, access market analysis, get up-to-the minute news, find currency exchange opportunities, and get global investment options from Fidelity.

How can I access today’s performance, research, news, and investment opportunities for specific global markets?

Start with the Today’s Equity Performance tab on the Global Markets Overview page. In the Map View, you will see performance trend arrows for the individual markets in three primary regions: Americas (North and Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and Asia-Pacific. Upward green arrows indicate positive equity performance for the day in a given global market, while downward red arrows indicate negative performance. Beneath each region’s name, we will indicate whether any markets are open for trading within that region.

To see the exact performance for specific global markets within any region, take one of three easy paths:

  1. Select Table View beneath the Today’s Equity Performance tab. From there, you will find links to View Markets Hours for all global markets as well as a Holiday Calendar. At any time, you may click on a country name to drill down for country-specific performance, research, news, and investment opportunities.
  2. Select one of the region names–Americas, EMEA, or Asia-Pacific–in the Map View of Today�s Equity Performance. We will provide a pop-up with today�s performance for the markets within that region. To explore that entire region further, select the blue Research button. You may also click on any country name or sub-region name for more specific performance, research, news, and investment opportunities.
  3. Select one of the region names–Americas, EMEA, or Asia-Pacific–from the left-hand navigation of the page, where you will be taken to the Map View of Today�s Equity Performance for that specific region. From there, select Table View and click on any country�s name or select Country View and choose from the drop-down menu.

How can I find out what markets are open for trading?

In the Map View of Today�s Equity Performance, we will alert you if markets are open for trading in a region beneath each region�s name. To see the market hours for each global market, select Table View. In the upper right of the table, you can View Market Hours and see a Holiday Calendar.

How can I find or search for more global news, research, or exclusive Fidelity Viewpoints®?

Beneath the headings for Global News, Global Research Reports, or Fidelity Viewpoints®, select the View more link. From there, you will find dedicated pages for news, and research, all broken down by region. Each page also allows you to conduct your own search when you select the (+) symbol adjacent to Search at the top of the page.

How can I exchange currencies in global markets?

Select the Currency Exchange tab, which keeps up to date with the currency exchange rates in U.S. dollars for more than 46 countries. From there, you may exchange currencies in any country marked with a �FX� icon. To exchange currencies, you must first sign up for international trading, which you can quickly link to from this tab.

How can I screen and find global investment options?

Select the Find Investments tab, which makes it easy to get started in global investing. From there, you�ll find four distinct sections–Stocks: Depository Receipts, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Products (ETF/ETP), and Currency–that let you screen for investments that meet criteria of your choosing.