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ETP Portfolio Composition

What information is available on this page?

This page provides you with the details of the underlying securities held in the ETP. It also provides the ETP's objective, asset class, and investment philosophy based on information in the ETP's prospectus, offering circular or similar document.

What information does the Objective provide?

This is the stated objective of the ETP as described in its investments prospectus, offering circular, or similar document.  It describes what the product seeks to do from an investment perspective.

What does the View Basket Holdings link do?

This link allows you to view the reported securities held by the ETP, as well as the ETP's exposure to different geographical regions or market sectors.

What information does the Top 10 Basket Holdings provide?

Because ETPs generally represent baskets of securities, the list provides the top 10 basket holdings within the portfolio, based on the percentage each investment represents in the overall portfolio.

What information do the different exposure graphs display?

The exposure graphs provide a visual display of some of the elements within a portfolio.  The type of exposure information that may be displayed depends upon asset class, and may include region, country, sector, industry, average maturity, and debt type. Percentage is based on the closing price of the underlying security compared to the NAV of the ETP.