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ETP Key Statistics

This page lists the basic facts about the ETP, such its asset class, relevant portfolio fundamentals, and, trading charateristics are listed on this page. It also shows its asset class median and the ETP’s asset class percentile. You get portfolio level information like Price to Earnings Ratio and Tracking Error information in key statistics as well as data on trading volume, bid/ask spread and premium/discount averages.

Where can I find definitions for the terms used on these pages?

Significant financial terms are defined in the Research glossary, which you can access by clicking Help/Glossary.

What do Asset Class Median and Asset Class Percentile mean?

The asset class median is the median of all ETPs in a particular asset class.  Asset classes include fixed income, equity, currency, commodity, and real estate.  Asset class percentile ranks the particular ETP among others in its asset class.