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Comparing Closed End Funds

You can compare basic facts, performance, analyst ratings, and key statics for up to five Closed End Funds at once.


How do I compare Closed End Funds?

You can compare Closed End Funds by entering up to five symbols in the text boxes on the Compare page and clicking Add. You can also initiate a comparison by selecting up to five Closed End Funds in search results.

How many Closed End Funds can I compare at one time?

You can compare up to five Closed End Funds at once.

What are the different views and why are there so many?

Each view offers specific information categorized by topic. Many views are provided to attempt to meet the needs and interests of different investors.

You can customize the information you see in a view by selecting Edit view and then adding or removing any one of the data points that are of interest to you.

How do I trade or add more than one Closed End Fund to my Watch List?

You can trade or add multiple Closed End Funds to one of your watch lists by selecting the check box next to the symbol of the Closed End Fund and then click Trade Selected to trade the Closed End Funds or click Add Selected to Watch List to add the selected Closed End Funds to your watch list.