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2014 Fidelity tax statements and forms – find out when you should receive them.

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The Wall Street Journal

While many investors have been leaving money funds for short-term bond funds, you shouldn't necessarily follow suit. Here's a look at when to stay put and when to consider the alternatives.

Investing Ideas
Dividend stocks with higher payouts

These ten highest-yielding S&P 500 stocks have headroom to raise dividends based on their free-cash-flow estimates.

7 well-positioned oil stocks

Oil prices could face further volatility, but these seven firms —with solid production assets — are set to weather the storm.

Money Matters
The American tax system is very large, very complex, and sometimes very strange. Here are the 10 oddest ways some states tax – or don't tax – their citizens.



By Steven Goldberg, Kiplinger
Except for a brief dip in 2012, the 10-year Treasury bond today yields less than it ever has since 1870. And even a small rise in yields would send prices sharply lower. Here's how investors can avoid some of that risk.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:52pm ET 02/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 130,448.2k 82,995.1k -1.43%
JCP 65,873.4k 14,730.5k -6.80%
AAPL 62,014.8k 54,677.5k -1.48%
GE 51,531.8k 36,087.1k 0.39%
PBR 37,142.8k 46,624.2k 5.41%
S 36,985.9k 21,597.6k 7.34%
CYTX 35,132.6k 2,335.5k -0.88%
MSFT 33,807.7k 34,432.0k -0.47%
CHK 31,112.5k 14,301.6k -3.02%
FB 30,738.8k 28,967.8k -1.79%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:57pm ET 02/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
CYCC 24,335.2k 262.0k 39.45%
EYES 13,127.8k 691.2k 37.03%
UNXL 1,240.8k 90.9k 32.11%
AVEO 3,716.6k 311.9k 31.72%
ABTL 857.0k 92.6k 24.18%
XIN 1,645.7k 209.1k 21.91%
TTI 4,840.7k 797.8k 19.88%
CLNE 12,646.2k 1,662.7k 19.25%
HMNY 77.4k 16.9k 18.57%
DGI 4,125.5k 541.4k 16.87%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:57pm ET 02/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
TCPI 2,855.5k 82.4k -57.25%
CVSL 2,958.0k 10.1k -42.05%
CAS 2,566.3k 261.3k -35.98%
WTW 18,019.7k 851.8k -35.48%
RESN 1,429.3k 137.8k -32.77%
ENOC 2,580.1k 299.0k -26.53%
TUBE 2,935.0k 314.1k -22.97%
EGL 264.8k 106.8k -22.28%
TBIO 1,357.3k 58.1k -21.27%
OCN 11,637.3k 7,361.8k -16.77%


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