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Forget Wall Street — Social Security provides the best rate of return for retirees today. And it's just as important to maximize your benefits as it is to manage your investments. Here's how.

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Growth trends to watch now
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With stock valuations up and housing stalled, these three trends may provide opportunities to find fast growth.

25 favorite mutual funds for 2014

Kiplinger's annual mutual-fund picks include four new names this year. See the complete list, plus model portfolios.

Money Matters
People manage their own investments for a lot of reasons. But when people who have little experience in investing take control of their own finances, there are some key things they must do – and some risks to avoid. Here are five things every do-it-yourself investor should know.



Gillian Tett
By Gillian Tett, Financial Times
Emerging markets have largely switched from issuing hard currency bonds to debt denominated in local currencies. But this hasn't spared them from their vulnerability to global market swings.


DELAYED QUOTE   6:49:42pm ET 04/23/2014
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
FB 73,753.6k 68,389.6k -2.65%
T 59,177.6k 28,759.4k -3.78%
EMC 50,905.2k 22,795.5k -3.18%
ZNGA 49,819.9k 30,980.2k -3.07%
BAC 49,548.5k 106,066.7k 0.49%
SIRI 38,711.5k 73,718.2k -1.55%
VZ 38,012.1k 34,165.6k -1.02%
GILD 35,039.8k 14,299.8k 1.37%
MU 31,901.4k 34,320.2k 0.27%
SVU 31,113.9k 4,006.1k 11.54%
DELAYED QUOTE   6:49:52pm ET 04/23/2014
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
REPH 72.2k 0.0k 24.35%
XOOM 3,311.7k 573.0k 16.85%
BIOF 3,565.1k 798.4k 14.83%
SANM 3,947.9k 766.8k 14.46%
GWPH 5,426.9k 422.0k 13.90%
XTLB 11.9k 13.3k 12.90%
UNIS 1,704.8k 1,379.9k 12.23%
RDEN 1,095.4k 329.4k 11.92%
SVU 31,113.9k 4,006.1k 11.54%
RXDX 111.3k 0.0k 11.30%
DELAYED QUOTE   6:49:52pm ET 04/23/2014
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
ZHNE 2,448.7k 672.2k -20.91%
SPCHB 0.5k 2.2k -12.88%
CREE 13,380.9k 1,989.3k -12.08%
UIS 2,587.7k 690.7k -11.48%
ISRG 2,198.3k 606.6k -11.46%
TGTX 233.0k 249.9k -11.34%
NOR 1,346.4k 745.8k -11.06%
CNET 136.6k 187.0k -10.83%
ZIXI 1,806.4k 337.7k -10.57%
TIS 331.2k 62.5k -10.46%


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