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Empty-nesters know the feeling of a house that suddenly seems too big. Add to that the need to free up cash for retirement and you may be better off renting. A guide to running the numbers.

Investing Ideas
Top sectors for the rest of the year

A survey of advisers reveals the six sectors expected to lead the market for the remainder of 2015. Plus, the best stocks in each.

5 bargain stocks for value investors

With stock prices near record highs, these companies could be poised for growth in today's market.

Money Matters
Conventional wisdom says to pare down stock exposure as you age. But with people living longer these days, it may make sense to keep investing in stable, value-focused stocks that can offer dividend income.



By Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity Viewpoints
It seems everywhere you look lately, market watchers are saying the stock market is overvalued. But is it really? If you look a little deeper, U.S. stock valuations may not be as high as you might think.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:52pm ET 07/02/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 64,736.5k 76,309.9k -1.10%
AMD 31,185.9k 13,966.1k 4.55%
BTU 28,746.9k 15,764.0k 5.06%
AAPL 27,211.0k 47,722.4k -0.13%
INTC 27,105.2k 31,236.5k 1.24%
MU 26,178.1k 24,911.0k 1.46%
GE 26,002.3k 41,071.2k 0.45%
VALE 25,475.1k 31,826.8k 1.56%
NBG 25,123.8k 13,513.9k 0.00%
PBR 24,723.1k 40,218.4k 2.08%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:56pm ET 07/02/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
GLRI 933.7k 60.3k 46.67%
OGEN 872.0k 109.7k 39.55%
NTRA 13,668.0k 0.0k 26.33%
CFMS 3,299.1k 5,811.9k 22.08%
XOOM 10,513.0k 420.1k 21.01%
ORMP 573.2k 251.6k 19.21%
AGTC 3,389.7k 80.2k 17.04%
DLHC 877.1k 5.8k 15.59%
WG 599.6k 999.1k 12.93%
ANGI 2,837.2k 1,258.1k 12.85%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:56pm ET 07/02/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
WPCS 2,597.0k 186.2k -33.77%
LILAK 2,130.9k 0.2k -31.18%
GTS 656.3k 153.3k -17.86%
VTAE 407.4k 159.9k -17.41%
LILA 750.9k 0.1k -17.32%
INTX 123.5k 62.0k -13.77%
WTW 2,537.9k 1,582.5k -12.61%
RYI 409.5k 110.3k -12.29%
FC 208.4k 42.5k -12.23%
SFY 2,235.4k 1,728.7k -12.17%


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