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Today's Highlights

Investing professional John Buckingham's stock picks have not only beaten the market, but also Warren Buffett. Here, he shares his view of the market – and the stocks he likes now.

An in-depth look at today's bond market
The Wall Street Journal

Investing Ideas
Bond fund ETFs for bold investors

There are opportunities in emerging-market bonds and currencies. But investors are cautioned to be wary.

16 companies to benefit from 'sharing'

The "sharing" economy (Think: Uber) is transforming many areas of business, and these companies stand to benefit.

Money Matters
Old-media companies are getting up to speed in the digital era, and insiders are noticing – and purchasing their own stock. Here are six reasons why these firms may be ready for a comeback.

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DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:52pm ET 10/08/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 79,056.9k 86,367.4k 0.00%
EMC 77,876.7k 15,379.8k 4.70%
AAPL 61,979.6k 55,425.0k -1.16%
BMR 58,554.3k 1,764.9k 8.62%
FCX 52,373.5k 33,957.2k 3.46%
GE 51,114.7k 36,841.8k 0.94%
EBAY 48,539.5k 18,831.9k -5.96%
NFLX 42,831.8k 21,401.0k 6.32%
ABEV 40,747.9k 15,569.6k 0.00%
PBR 38,751.0k 32,737.5k 5.77%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:58pm ET 10/08/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
WGBS 15,738.4k 522.2k 47.37%
JMG 5,728.3k 88.6k 44.10%
SKBI 155.5k 15.4k 42.55%
EDUC 206.1k 11.1k 39.50%
MG 780.2k 91.8k 37.67%
VKTX 10.1k 16.8k 28.06%
YECO 48.4k 55.5k 23.15%
MBLX 174.9k 18.2k 22.67%
PWE 10,428.0k 3,040.0k 22.55%
AHC 129.1k 94.4k 21.79%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:58pm ET 10/08/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
EXAS 16,624.5k 1,894.0k -22.16%
ORIG 5,911.4k 1,717.0k -19.85%
SKLN 7.4k 6.6k -18.64%
CSII 7,183.4k 360.2k -18.10%
BCRX 5,297.1k 1,006.8k -17.86%
NEOT 124.9k 123.3k -13.43%
NVET 87.1k 46.0k -13.02%
BDE 917.6k 247.3k -12.83%
NVLS 223.0k 187.3k -11.84%
ATRA 414.3k 342.0k -11.67%


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