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The New York Times News Service

How much will you spend in retirement? That's a hard question to answer, but it's a crucial part of your retirement plan. Here are some ways to make sure your money lasts.

Investing Ideas
Ethical funds make an impact

With a new focus on promoting good corporate behavior, these socially responsible funds are worth a look.

25 favorite mutual funds for 2014

Kiplinger's annual mutual-fund picks include four new names this year. See the complete list, plus model portfolios.

Money Matters
Security means different things to different people — for some, it's financial, for others, it's about health care. A new report weighs those factors, and more, to come up with the most secure states for retirees.



By James B. Stewart, The New York Times News Service
The recent sell-off in high-flying tech stocks has been bad news for growth investors. But's it's a good reminder that over time, dividend-paying value stocks tend to do better.


DELAYED QUOTE   6:49:42pm ET 04/17/2014
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 91,165.2k 105,799.2k 0.12%
FB 78,525.6k 67,705.6k -1.31%
GE 69,441.7k 35,995.7k 1.68%
CSCO 47,675.7k 43,939.1k 0.78%
MU 45,130.8k 34,346.4k 6.36%
ZNGA 39,018.1k 30,366.8k 4.36%
MSFT 36,452.3k 37,919.5k -0.97%
INTC 35,731.0k 32,053.1k 0.41%
SIRI 34,219.4k 73,757.8k -0.95%
AA 34,182.7k 27,145.5k 1.04%
DELAYED QUOTE   6:49:52pm ET 04/17/2014
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
DPW 228.9k 182.6k 34.74%
AFCB 0.3k 2.1k 28.00%
BIOF 7,046.7k 693.4k 27.39%
LIVE 3,721.8k 1,637.7k 23.57%
RTRX 1,101.3k 443.5k 17.89%
IIIN 266.3k 74.8k 16.89%
SSY 29.1k 50.0k 15.75%
SHLD 3,624.6k 1,834.1k 14.08%
FXEN 2,614.3k 339.5k 13.91%
GALT 564.7k 657.8k 12.94%
DELAYED QUOTE   6:49:52pm ET 04/17/2014
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
MGI 2,833.0k 197.2k -17.68%
RSH 16,954.4k 2,982.5k -16.57%
BKS 9,369.2k 1,769.6k -11.99%
ZLCS 2,531.3k 1,063.8k -10.37%
TZOO 424.6k 105.3k -9.26%
UBIC 25.3k 16.4k -9.14%
ACAT 411.2k 208.5k -8.44%
CHMT 5,996.2k 994.9k -8.13%
ERB 145.0k 132.9k -7.65%
MVG 37.8k 73.8k -7.49%


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