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When most investors go for blue chip companies, portfolio manager Bryant VanCronkhite opts for out-of-favor firms instead. A look at his strategy, plus five of his picks.

Investing Ideas
Stocks that may raise dividends soon

These five stocks — with solid balance sheets and low payout ratios — may be ready to raise dividends soon.

10 dividend stocks for the long run

For a long-term investing strategy, consider these quality stocks that have had a high return on equity for 10 years straight.

Money Matters
Getting a mortgage is just the first of many decisions first-time homebuyers face. And a wrong move could be a deal breaker. These are five common mistakes to watch for when buying your first home.



Jurrien Timmer
By Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity Viewpoints
The risks from Greece and China seem contained for now, and supportive central bank policies may drive global markets. At home, investors should focus on how – and not when – the Federal Reserve raises rates.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:51pm ET 07/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 93,231.9k 76,045.9k -1.28%
FCX 64,856.7k 19,303.7k -7.49%
SIRI 56,757.4k 24,533.2k -1.03%
T 50,523.6k 31,323.1k 0.09%
S 49,495.4k 15,865.6k -9.88%
AAPL 44,454.3k 46,376.3k -1.29%
F 43,857.0k 25,461.4k 1.11%
INTC 42,161.0k 31,928.7k 1.05%
TEVA 39,973.8k 4,692.3k 16.41%
MSFT 39,701.4k 34,433.4k -1.20%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:55pm ET 07/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
NYMX 28,080.5k 1,100.4k 100.00%
MAG 1,040.6k 11.6k 53.55%
XUE 2,818.6k 266.1k 50.62%
LLEX 7.7k 21.3k 31.11%
LITEV 2.3k 75.8k 22.65%
CYRX 478.4k 11.7k 17.09%
TEVA 39,973.8k 4,692.3k 16.41%
OGXI 4,438.0k 406.3k 15.02%
ACW 378.2k 169.4k 14.53%
JNP 163.0k 43.1k 14.32%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:55pm ET 07/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BLPH 657.7k 21.9k -55.69%
RJET 10,776.3k 433.3k -55.65%
CERE 268.9k 403.3k -23.46%
CAS 1,043.3k 271.2k -22.19%
LEI 54.0k 18.4k -20.59%
CRBP 221.5k 87.9k -20.55%
TAT 585.1k 67.7k -20.00%
BLRX 2,680.0k 778.6k -18.40%
TOR 10.8k 8.1k -17.68%
QUIK 493.6k 320.7k -16.54%


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