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Whatever the size of your nest egg, retirement will likely mean big changes in your financial life. These five principles can help you manage cash from varying income sources efficiently.

Money tips for new college grads
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Investing Ideas
Tapping into airlines' rising profits

After a rough few years, the airline industry has made a turnaround, and these three stocks seem poised to keep rising.

20 bargain stocks in the Barron's 500

A deeper look into Barron's annual ranking of great-performing companies reveals 20 stocks with the lowest P/E ratios.

Money Matters
Crowdfunding, the process of raising money online in small donations from the public, has brought exciting innovations and ideas to market. Here are five that may be big in the years to come.



Volatility is back, posing perhaps the biggest challenge that stock investors have faced in this six-year bull run. Here are four ways investors get tripped up in a volatile market and how to avoid them.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:51pm ET 05/22/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 47,032.9k 87,090.4k 0.12%
AAPL 45,595.9k 54,454.2k 0.88%
ONTY 36,471.1k 1,441.6k 19.92%
HPQ 28,605.4k 12,359.8k 2.75%
PBR 27,987.4k 46,530.4k -3.58%
T 26,349.2k 28,118.7k -1.03%
MSFT 25,720.6k 39,539.9k -1.10%
F 24,795.8k 26,561.2k -1.55%
PBMD 24,466.6k 1,315.1k 3.28%
GE 23,289.3k 42,839.5k -0.14%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:56pm ET 05/22/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
KUTV 2,405.3k 44.6k 62.50%
ABTL 857.3k 98.9k 31.50%
PBIB 3,556.9k 10.3k 26.89%
RWLK 1,209.4k 121.4k 20.71%
ONTY 36,471.1k 1,441.6k 19.92%
FRS 212.1k 5.3k 19.81%
CTRP 14,496.7k 2,657.9k 17.56%
AKAO 432.3k 131.9k 15.03%
CBMG 469.1k 97.8k 14.49%
YOKU 19,970.3k 2,873.0k 14.02%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:56pm ET 05/22/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
CNIT 849.1k 62.1k -22.45%
CPGI 6.0k 1.4k -21.26%
VGGL 4,460.6k 1,688.3k -20.39%
OTIC 1,622.2k 196.5k -19.94%
ARO 8,258.4k 1,775.6k -15.44%
BBDO 7.3k 2.7k -14.15%
OESX 1,167.5k 133.0k -12.89%
MYOS 36.7k 9.2k -10.37%
IPDN 145.7k 10.7k -9.79%
OHGI 70.9k 142.4k -9.60%


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