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How We Keep Your Accounts Safe

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The traditional concept of withdrawing 4% a year helps retirees figure out how to spend their nest egg wisely. Retirement expert Wade Pfau evaluates the risks of the rule.

Tips for tapping Roth IRAs
The Wall Street Journal

Investing Ideas
Hennessy's focus reaps good returns

Fund manager Ira Rothberg shares his highly focused strategy, and five stocks he thinks are good investments right now.

25 favorite funds for 2015

Here's a look at Kiplinger's roster of 25 favorite no-load mutual funds — and what kind of returns they've delivered.

Money Matters
Corporate insiders sell their own company's stock for a number of reasons. But they usually buy shares for one reason: They think the stock is a bargain and has upside potential. Here are five stocks that have recently been bought by insiders.



Financial Times
While most of the talk around quantitative easing policies centers on the timing and consequences of possible exits, there is little debate about whether it has been worth the costs.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:51pm ET 04/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
AMAT 219,415.2k 15,233.7k -8.39%
AAPL 96,945.3k 52,902.8k 1.82%
BAC 73,523.4k 88,490.2k -0.51%
VALE 73,463.3k 28,932.0k 2.27%
PBR 70,049.0k 47,534.6k -6.61%
MSFT 59,248.2k 37,619.5k 0.33%
PFE 42,492.1k 28,145.5k -1.93%
GE 36,217.7k 44,936.0k 0.30%
F 34,824.9k 26,984.4k 0.82%
CLDN 32,340.5k 796.4k -80.92%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:54pm ET 04/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
SYMX 16,354.6k 159.0k 70.37%
CANF 9,417.9k 246.0k 51.62%
GLBS 65.9k 8.4k 33.80%
KBSF 1.5k 8.5k 23.21%
HIVE 1,395.8k 192.6k 18.29%
INCR 599.4k 132.5k 17.23%
FPP 683.4k 26.1k 16.57%
AEHR 258.0k 12.2k 15.46%
SHI 148.5k 21.3k 13.41%
UEC 3,131.2k 859.0k 12.55%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:54pm ET 04/27/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
CLDN 32,340.5k 796.4k -80.92%
AKRX 15,293.7k 1,878.8k -21.98%
VLTC 6,538.8k 2,053.1k -20.02%
ATRA 341.5k 151.7k -19.37%
AFMD 416.2k 115.1k -19.37%
LOOK 979.7k 199.4k -19.29%
AERI 5,649.5k 529.1k -16.86%
RGLS 2,564.8k 669.5k -16.58%
SILC 262.6k 28.5k -16.18%
CLDX 5,281.0k 2,191.5k -15.85%


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