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Get insights and guidance on recent market conditions and how they might impact investors.

When the markets are choppy, you want to make sure your portfolio stands on solid ground. These three retirement strategies can help you do just that.

Investing Ideas
Popular stocks for young investors

These four stocks are well-established names. See why Millennials are warming up to them as well.

9 stocks to help weather the storm

Although equities are taking a beating in recent market swings, one fund manager still sees potential in smaller U.S. stocks.

Money Matters
Many Americans in their fifties and sixties are looking for stocks that can form the bedrock of their retirement portfolio. These eight picks could create a sturdy foundation of growth for years to come.



Yields on junk bonds have increased since the equity market selloff, making them more appealing. But investors may want to proceed with caution. Yields could rise — and prices fall — even further.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:51pm ET 09/03/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 77,175.8k 82,922.0k 0.57%
AAPL 53,233.9k 54,473.0k -1.75%
SUNE 50,419.2k 20,595.9k 10.66%
FCX 40,838.1k 25,819.2k 2.32%
INTC 38,665.9k 32,099.3k 1.68%
PBR 35,748.5k 30,965.0k 0.18%
FTR 35,321.3k 25,407.8k 5.95%
ITUB 35,044.4k 16,047.9k 3.84%
GE 33,564.8k 32,982.4k -0.24%
SIRI 30,763.7k 26,994.8k -0.52%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:58pm ET 09/03/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
KBIO 4,029.3k 74.8k 48.53%
PSEM 6,635.5k 114.5k 37.68%
MM 27,598.8k 727.2k 29.85%
CRK 5,180.4k 2,320.7k 28.43%
ALTV 554.3k 27.4k 26.54%
VLTC 2,622.6k 2,015.6k 24.24%
CRDS 368.3k 66.7k 22.92%
CBAK 140.9k 51.8k 21.11%
MEI 4,543.0k 618.9k 19.82%
NCS 1,497.1k 222.1k 19.40%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:58pm ET 09/03/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
ARCI 8.4k 7.7k -17.42%
WPCS 465.3k 403.7k -16.56%
CVGW 877.3k 127.9k -16.23%
KERX 4,190.9k 1,726.4k -16.09%
OHGI 816.5k 844.5k -15.62%
JOY 25,507.7k 2,321.0k -14.60%
HTBX 198.4k 30.9k -14.50%
TRVN 5,898.4k 805.1k -13.55%
QKLS 5.2k 12.8k -13.49%
AKBA 597.0k 377.4k -12.62%


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