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Increasingly, mutual fund managers are opting to make late-stage investments in private firms rather than wait for initial public offerings. But this strategy poses some challenges.

Investing Ideas
Currency-hedged ETFs draw investors
The Wall Street Journal

Exchange-traded funds that protect against currency swings are attracting investors worried that the dollar's rise will erode gains.

13 ways to invest in the future

These stocks allow you to invest in the exciting trends of tomorrow, but you'll need a strong stomach for risk.

Money Matters
You've heard the advice before: Never fall in love with a stock. But with some companies, it's hard not to. Here are seven stocks with intense followings — plus the pros and cons of each.



By Gillian Tett, Financial Times
With stocks near all-time highs, should investors be wary of a "quicksilver" market than can turn quickly from tranquil to turbulent? A new study suggests valuations may be over-stretched.


DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:50pm ET 03/31/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
BAC 61,380.7k 88,697.5k -0.84%
AAPL 42,090.2k 55,341.5k -1.54%
GE 34,940.4k 37,578.8k -1.23%
MSFT 34,887.2k 35,760.5k -0.74%
INTC 32,098.5k 32,238.3k -0.60%
JCP 30,793.1k 13,900.2k 7.41%
RAD 30,093.8k 23,071.2k -0.80%
PBR 29,842.7k 43,105.6k 1.35%
CSCO 29,258.3k 29,428.5k 0.31%
NOK 28,576.3k 15,032.2k -1.94%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:55pm ET 03/31/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
GBSN 9,941.9k 69.8k 59.84%
HKTV 203.8k 14.3k 25.92%
NM/PG 6.8k 15.4k 22.69%
CCIH 837.5k 211.4k 19.66%
VLTC 116.9k 49.5k 18.82%
SMTX 314.0k 27.9k 16.54%
QCCO 37.6k 13.7k 16.49%
DHRM 72.1k 36.3k 14.81%
OFIX 411.8k 99.6k 14.63%
DANG 4,980.1k 1,049.9k 13.96%
DELAYED QUOTE   7:59:55pm ET 03/31/2015
Symbol Current Volume 90-Day Average Price % Change
GV 1,028.0k 136.6k -25.10%
EGY 5,276.0k 1,225.2k -21.73%
ARCI 87.2k 20.9k -18.65%
SNTA 12,905.6k 965.2k -16.74%
ANY 725.3k 202.8k -15.33%
CLWT 41.0k 6.3k -15.16%
CBMG 154.7k 46.4k -14.86%
JMG/WI 407.4k 13.7k -14.73%
WTT 218.7k 32.0k -13.33%
CLDN 2,836.1k 511.2k -12.60%


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