Idea Generation

From idea to implementation, our wide selection of industry-leading tools and analysis will help you find, analyze, and implement successful options trades.


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Find opportunities to fit your strategy

Market Scanner

Scan the market using preset or custom filters to find helpful trading ideas. Search by price movement, volatility, order flow, and more.

Argus Options Report

The Argus Options Report1 provides ideas for both covered calls and calendar spreads. Get the latest ideas, or filter by days to expiration, in or out of the money strikes, risk-return, and more.

Strategy Ideas

Generate options trading ideas by selecting a specific options strategy or by filtering strategies based on market sentiment, profit, and risk potential. Filter the results to hone in on specific trading opportunities.

Evaluate option strategy alternatives

Profit and Loss Calculator

Our trading platform offers a Profit and Loss Calculator to model options strategies, see profit and loss potential, or to change price or days to expiration. You can also trade directly from the calculator.

Probability Calculator

Our integrated Probability Calculator2 models the probability of an underlying equity or index trading above, below, or between certain price targets on a specified date.

Strategy Evaluator

Evaluate single and multi-leg opportunities based on your market sentiment. Search for calls and puts or multi-leg strategies targeting your potential profit and investment. Filter searches by expiration, strike, volatility, and more.

Execute with confidence

Trade your way

Whether trading in the premarket CBOE Extended Trading Hours session or executing an iron condor, our options trading tickets put you in control.

On the go

Use Fidelity’s award-winning mobile app to monitor and trade even your most complex options strategies no matter where you are.

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