BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio

This professionally managed account is designed to help you meet the challenges of generating income while managing for risk. It is composed primarily of exchange-traded funds (ETFs)1 that look for exposure to income opportunities in all market environments.

About the BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio


Greater income potential

This portfolio pursues exposure to both commonly used and lesser-known sources of income in order to seek diversification and yield.

See how lesser-known income sources may help.
An active approach to seeking yield

The investment team has the flexibility to seek attractive income opportunities across all asset classes, sectors, and market environments.

See how an active approach to seeking yield may benefit you.
Focus on risk management The investment team carefully monitors and manages volatility—to a level of risk that is generally consistent with a portfolio comprised of 50% bonds and 50% stocks2—thereby potentially making ups and downs less extreme.
A personal relationship A dedicated financial consultant and portfolio specialist work together to help ensure your managed account and overall financial needs are met.

Account details

Description A portfolio composed primarily of ETFs, but may contain other investment vehicles such as mutual funds.1 The investment team seeks a greater level of income than could otherwise be garnered from exposure to commonly used income sources, while carefully balancing the trade offs between risk and yield.
Minimum investment $200,000
Annual advisory fee An annual advisory fee will be charged—between 0.55% and 1.10%—and will vary based on total assets invested.

Investment management

Investment team

The alliance between Strategic Advisers, Inc., a Fidelity Investments company and registered investment adviser, and BlackRock Investment Management, LLC, brings two industry-leading investment firms together. Strategic Advisers chose to work with BlackRock for a number of reasons, including its long-standing position as a leading provider of exchange-traded funds.

Your Investment Team

Investment strategy Seeks to generate income with the potential for capital appreciation by investing in commonly used and lesser-known sources of income, while carefully balancing the trade-offs between risk and yield.
Investment holdings Composed primarily of ETFs, but may contain other investment vehicles such as mutual funds.1 The portfolio's investment exposure will be diversified among commonly used (e.g., stocks and bonds) and lesser-known (e.g., REITS and bank loans) sources of income to help minimize volatility and balance risk, return, and income potential.

How we keep in touch

Fidelity contacts A portfolio specialist will be your dedicated contact for all your managed account needs. You may also have access to a financial consultant who will be your contact for all your financial needs across Fidelity.
Customized communications You will also have access to information specific to your account, including monthly statements, quarterly investment reviews, and market insights from Fidelity and BlackRock.

Next step

To open a BlackRock Diversified Income Portfolio with Fidelity, start by telling us your financial needs and goals.

Call an investment professional at 800-544-1766.