Investing is a way to put your money to work. There's no one right way to do it—your individual goals, time frame, and comfort level all play a part. Get the basics of investing to help choose the right approach for you.

Investing 101

Get answers to some of the most common questions about investing.

How to invest tax-efficiently

Create a strategy to help manage, defer, and reduce taxes.

What investment style meets your needs?

You may want to hire professional help or do it yourself.

Keeping calm in choppy waters

Don't let a stormy market throw you off course as you save for retirement.

Which asset mix is right for you?

Get help setting up your asset mix (stock, bonds, short-term investments).

Stay the course with your investment strategy

Successful long-term investors are patient and ignore short-term emotions.

Take the first step to investing

Learn how to start investing with the help of this online workshop.

Mental blocks that hurt your financial planning

These five myths are common but could undermine your financial strategy.

7-point checklist for making sure you can afford to invest

Make sure your financial foundation is solid first.

Save or invest?

Get help making financial decisions with money guru Jean Chatzky.

What is a 401(k)?

Just getting started in your retirement planning journey? Watch this short video for a lighthearted look at how to save for the future.